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You know how if you tighten a screw too much, you can break it? Does that same potential hazard exist when it comes to vaginas and treatments that tighten them? Asking for a friend.

Okay — not for a friend. For Farrah Abraham.

It was only back in August that Farrah Abraham underwent vaginal rejuvenation. She didn’t even wait a month before she went back for seconds. Now she’s gotten a different procedure and we have to ask: when will it be enough?

Farrah on the Red Carpet
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You know, there was an episode of Drawn Together — yes, the animated reality show parody from over a decade ago — where one of the characters kept getting surgery on her genitals. The episode parodied surgical addiction and, by the end, she had Joan Rivers’ face between her legs.

We mention this only because Farrah Abraham seems to be hooked on these treatments.

Sure, Farrah Abraham has had cosmetic surgery — she’s hardly the only Teen Mom star in that boat.

But the thing is that Farrah’s "need" to have even one vaginal rejuvenation treatment is baffling to us.

She is 26 years old. 26.

Generally speaking, people in their mid-twenties are seldom in need of any sort of rejuvenation.

Vaginas are elastic organs that return to their previous shape, no matter how numerous or large the penises that they encounter might be.

They’re also self-cleaning because biology is kind of amazing.

Since Farrah is too young for her vagina to be sagging, we wondered when we first got the news if perhaps Farrah was experiencing incontinence.

That can happen after childbirth and can be corrected by certain rejuvenation procedures.

Whatever Farrah’s reason — and it could just be all in her head (or, worse, a ploy for more attention) — she’s back at it again.

Farrah Abraham, Castle Selfie
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RadarOnline reports that Farrah’s latest vaginal rejuvenation treatment is the second of four that she’s getting.

She’s receiving these treatments at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, and these are a little different from the wand-based rejuvenation she was promoting in August.

There’s still a wand involved, but this time, there are also lasers.

And a spokesperson for the clinic told RadarOnline that even people who’ve never had kids might want a little of what Farrah’s having.

"The procedure is not just for people who have had children; it could benefit anyone. As we get older, the vagina changes and is not as youthful."

That’s true, though generally that’s not a problem for someone who is 26.

However, some women are insecure about their labia. With the prevalence of porn and sexting and social media, people are more conscious of what other people’s genitals can look like and are more likely to compare themselves to others.

And it sounds like part of what Farrah wants done is external.

Farrah Abraham Lingerie
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First, though, the spokesperson explained to RadarOnline how Farrah’s internal treatment worked. Again, this includes a wand that is moved back and forth within the vagina for 8 minutes.

"It creates heat. The heat will thicken the inside lining of the uterus and of the vagina to make it tight and firm."

(We have no idea how this impacts the uterus, as neither the wand nor anybody’s penis is going to be poking past the cervix … but whatever)

Farrah also received external vaginal rejuvenation that’s really just a labiaplasty without any actual incisions.

This is when the lasers come into play.

"Collagen is produced by the laser that makes the lips firm so they aren’t hanging anymore."

As we said, a lot of people are self-conscious about their labia these days.

But for Farrah Abraham, who only recently did a livestreamed sex show, it might be necessary for her genitals to look a certain way.

A lot of people get things "touched up" if they’re going to be naked on camera.

Farrah Abraham Walking the Street
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Farrah apparently got some results (though this is only the second of four treatments, and some patients get as many as six).

"The RN saw visible changes on the outside," the spokesperson shared. "Farrah said she can notice changes on the inside as well."

Farrah Abraham also got a simple laser treatment on her face to cut down on blemishes, but that’s honestly way less interesting.

Part of us wonders how much of this is Farrah seeking these treatments and how much is just Farrah becoming a spokesperson for vaginal rejuvenation.

We have no idea what kind of deal she’s getting behind the scenes.