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Let’s be real, no one would ever accuse Rob Kardashian of making sound decisions.

And that’s because, as far as we know, he’s literally never made a good choice in his whole entire life.

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Or, OK, that’s not fair. He’s probably made one or two solid choices.

But still, don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about.

He impregnated Blac Chyna about two seconds after they started dating, and proposed to her shortly after that.

You probably don’t have to be told that that didn’t turn out well, but let’s break it down anyway, just for fun.

Throughout Chyna’s pregnancy, they fought and fought over the dumbest things — who could forget when she screamed at him about "texting bitches"?

When Dream was born, things were good for a while, but it certainly didn’t last.

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Only about a month after they welcomed that darling little baby into the world, they got into a huge fight in which they both claimed the other got physical.

Chyna took Dream and left Rob, and though they tried to reconcile a few times after that, things were never the same, and a couple of months later they broke up for good.

But you know that doesn’t mean the drama ended along with their relationship.

Last month, Rob went on his insane Instagram rampage against Chyna, claiming that she cheated on him and that she played with his emotions while sleeping with other men.

He also shared nude photos of her, which is a whole different issue.

Rob Kardashian Recalls His Sexual History

The point is that Rob already has one baby mama, and his experience with her hasn’t been the greatest.

Which is why it’s so strange that, according to a new report from Hollywood Life, he’s looking for a new lady to have a baby with.

A bad idea, or the worst idea?

"Rob finds fatherhood to be the best thing of all time, even with all the drama Blac’s added to the situation," a source explains.

"It hasn’t deterred him from trying to find love again, and he really would like to find someone to have a little brother or sister with for Dream, but obviously not with Chyna."

Because, as we all know, "that ship has sailed."

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The source goes on to say that Rob "has learned a lot from what he has gone through with Blac, and he hopes he can use it to his advantage for his next chance in love."

Additionally, "He is on another one of his kicks to get healthy again and family and friends hope that he can finally break away from his issues and can find peace and health because he has tried and tried before and failed."

"Everyone wants this time around to actually work and is waiting to see a good turnout."

Of course it would be wonderful if Rob finally became healthy and happy, and if he managed to find a woman to settle down and procreate with.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard all this before.

We wish Rob the best of luck at a good life, but at this point, it still seems like the drama is just too powerful.