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Ryan Edwards’ Tinder match and his wife Mackenzie are getting into it following the alleged sexy pics and images he was busted sending.

It’s getting uglier by the minute, from the looks of it.

Mackenzie Edwards

If you missed it, the troubled Teen Mom OG cast member was caught using Tinder and sending lewd pics and texts to at least one girl.

Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer just a few months ago, as seen (awkwardly, and painfully) on the season finale of the MTV hit.

After a show of Instagram solidarity – flaunting her rings, and changing her name to Edwards – Mackenzie came at the Tinder girl hard.

"I want you to stop," Standifer told the other woman, adding that she’s ready to "deal with this the hard way" if she doesn’t comply.

It’s not clear what Mackenzie means, but it’s safe to assume thanks to Radar’s newly-revealed text messages that the woman is unmoved.

“I’m not sure why you’re mad at me when it’s your husband’s fault,” she texted, to which Mackenzie replied, “You’re just as much at fault.”

Mackenzie Tinder Tweet 2

The Tinder girl then played the classic mistress card, implying that Mackenzie must have somehow “made” Ryan join the dating app.

Why would he do so if he were happy with Standifer, right?

Mackenzie was having none of that victim blaming, firing back that it’s “your fault you continue to message a man you know is married.”

The girl then replied that it’s not like they banged … or she wanted to: “I’m 19, why the f–k would I want to sleep with a 29-year-old?”

Standifer herself is only 20, so that one had to hurt.

“Same reason every other slut does," she said.

Ouch. But “If I want sex I’d choose someone a little closer to my age and someone who’s actually cute,” the Tinder match said in response.

Mackenzie Tinder Tweet 3

While decidedly unapologetic, the unnamed young woman did note that she means no harm: "Don’t know why you’re trying to blame me."

"You deserve better than Ryan.” 

Not inclined to grab onto that olive branch apparently, Standifer ended this with “What’s it gonna cost for you to shut your down mouth?” 

To be clear, Edwards went way beyond the plausible (albeit still shady) use of Tinder for mindless swiping and texting out of boredom.

He sent her a shot of his penis, encouraging her to "send me a sexy one," in return. Lest she wonder what he meant by that, he added:

"Let me see how pink it is."

"Me me hard. Come on."

Mackenzie Tinder Tweet 4

He then asked for a video of "u playing with your self," and when she refuses, he says "Come over I told you I’ll let u sit on my face."

"So I can get u good and wet."

Kind of horrifying … and worse yet, when she refused to meet him in person, he tried another day, when Mackenzie is "out of town."

Pretty much as blatant an attempt to get some on the side using Tinder as you can get – and Mackenzie isn’t the only one who’s worried.

Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Teen Mom: OG star Maci Bookout, has been following this drama, and she’s as concerned about it as she is unsurprised.

Considering that this comes on the heels of Ryan’s recent battles with addiction, Maci understandably worries about his current state.

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards

Maci wasn’t surprised at all about the allegations that Ryan was sexting some chick on Tinder,” a source close to Bookout said.

"She can’t help thinking, a leopard never changes its spots. Once a cheater always a cheater. What really worries her though is his sobriety."

"Maci has had reservations about Ryan being able to stay sober … this [scandal] just reinforces her belief that he’s not to be trusted."

As for potential backlash from Edwards and Standifer?

"Maci couldn’t care less about Mackenzie and her feelings," the source said. "She’s is super worried about Ryan being around their son."

Given that tensions between them are already high, something tells us this is all going to get a lot worse before it gets better …