Rob Kardashian Peaces Out of Family Intervention!

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The dramatic saga of Robert Kardashian Jr. and Angela White, a.k.a. Blac Chyna, has subsided somewhat, but is far from over.

One new and troubling development:

Rob reportedly skipped a planned family intervention following his online meltdown, and his family is now even more concerned.

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Things were looking up a week ago as Rob apologized to the Kardashians for his insane meltdown and cyberbullying of Blac Chyna.

That doesn't mean all is well, though.

Apparently, his apology, while appreciated and overdue, did not quell the family's fears that Rob had lost his mind with his recent antics.

Attacking the mother of his daughter like that, so brutally and borderline illegally with revenge porn, did not instill a lot of confidence.

So his mom(ager) and sisters reportedly decided to take action, hoping to sit him down and convince him to get the help he clearly needs.

This did not go over well, obviously.

When he learned Kris Jenner and his siblings were about to descend on him, he peaced out and gave them the silent treatment again.

Rob and Dream

Says a source close to Rob:

“He’s refusing rehab, he doesn’t want any fat farms, no more therapists, no more interventions, diets and meddling sisters."

“He’s absolutely had it with all the games his family and his baby mama play ... he’s sick of being played and bamboozled."

"[He feels] used and tricked.”

Chyna went to war after the cyberbullying attack when she and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, sought a restraining order against Rob in court.

Rob did not contest that.

His family hired famed attorney Robert Shapiro to defend him, but remain concerned that he is out of his mind and a danger to himself.

Rob and Chyna Photograph

The source adds that Rob is just sick and tired of all the drama, and pushing him to get help is likely to make him even more reclusive.

“He’s in real bad shape right now," the insider said, and we have no evidence to the contrary. We just hope this somehow improves. 

While Rob dodged the intervention attempt, his family is still deeply concerned and mortified by the events of the past few weeks.

Suffice it to say, they are monitoring the situation very closely, because this goes well way beyond the usual concerns over their brand.

The brand can survive a lot. Rob might not survive if he keeps this up. Guy needs to get a whole team of therapists assemlbed.

Like immediately if not sooner.

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