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Look below.

This is a very cute photo of Rob Kardashian and his daughter, Dream:

His Life is All About Dream
Photo via Instagram

We just wanted you to have a pleasant image in your head before we delved into the ugliest feud to date between Dream’s parents, Rob and Blac Chyna.

Which is saying A LOT if you’re even remotely familiar with the history of these controversial reality stars…

The latest, most contentious round of fighting between Rob and Chyna appears to have started on July Fourth.

Instead of grilling some hot dogs with her baby daddy, Chyna apparently sent Kardashian footage of some guy who had just placed his hot dog in her bun (if you know what we mean!), rubbing in her ex-boyfriend’s face that she was getting some at that exact moment.

Wrote Rob as an affiliated message to the video below, which he shared on his Instagram page:

Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person. Come spend time with your daughter instead of fucking me and then this dude right after.

U need help.

Just two weeks ago, sources claimed that Rob and Chyna were back to having sex… a report that Rob backed up in his many (MANY!) subsequent Instagram photos and captions following his unveiling of this scandalous video.

Rob wrote on Wednesday morning:

"That’s crazy u let me cum inside u and then another man do the same in the same bed and the same robe and everything in the house where I pay 16K rent. Sheesh."

"And so u know she had her butt reduced but I know it still looks wild."

Kardashian initially included photos of Chyna’s rear end and boobs, along with a picture he claimed to be of her exposed vagina, telling readers that she sent him the latter as a way to entice him into bed.

He later deleted these racy images, but he continued to hammer Chyna for her cheating, lying and many instances of plastic surgery.

Pic Chyna Sent Me

The man who is basically eating Chyna’s face in the above video is named Ferrari. (NOTE: Probably not his real name.)

He claims on his Instagram page to be a “Musician/Icon/Brand Ambassador/Entrepreneur" and Rob claims that Ferrari has been texting him with requests for money because Chyna now wants Ferrari to act as her sugar daddy.

He says he can’t afford to foot any of Chyna’s bills, while Rob goes on to say he’s been paying for his ex-girlfriend for several months now.

And supposedly Ferrari wants to team up with Rob to cash in on… how they’ve both slept with Chyna? We guess?

"This is the dude Chyna got caught cheating on me with for a minute now," Rob wrote alongside texts he swears were sent to him by Chyna’s new play thing.

"Look he texted me asking for help and said he needed money cuz he can’t afford to pay Chyna’s bill so that’s why I pay her bills."

From Rob

"More receipts are coming. Just yesterday Chyna sent me her pussy and everything and said she gonna come fuck me … wait for it."

"Never once have I cheated on Chyna."

"I remained loyal to her even after all the cheating she been doing and the multiple men she been fucking including me."

Rob says he’s probably spent about a million dollars on Chyna since they met. He says he’s paid $90,000 for her necklaces and another $70,000 for a watch.

Not to mention the $100,000 he doled out to help Chyna lose weight after she gave birth to Dream last November.

Chyna In Surgery

Late last month, Rob and Chyna took their daughter to Disneyland.

All has seemed relatively calm between the stars for awhile now actually.

We’d typically speculate over the legitimacy of heated words such as the ones Rob has fired off today.

We’d wonder whether this was all scripted and presume it was all a way for Kardashian and Chyna to garner attention and perhaps even tease a new reality series of some kind.

But that is most definitely a video of Chyna macking it big time with some other dude.

And this excerpt from Kardashian’s rant is definitely a reference to Chyna being a drug addict, which is a rather serious accusation to merely toss around because you want E! to give you another show:

Drug Accusations

Wrote Rob toward the end of his postings today:

"The saddest part is I knew about all this and didn’t say a word or speak on anything because I actually Love Chyna genuinely."

That is, "until she just sent me a video of her and this man kissing in her bed with my daughter and her son in the house."

"The same day she sent me pic of her pussy and saying i can come fuck her soon. The same exact day I had 250K of jeweler dropped off to the house."

"I never been so disrespected by a Woman and I support everything she does until this stuff. Just sloppy and messy and the disrespect."

"Thank God for my daughter but I will never allow my daughter over to that house that I pay for with all the drugs and alcohol that goes on."

"I got receipts for days and I’m gonna keep going and I don’t give a fuck."

Rob & JINA
Photo via E!

"The girl told me today she gonna have a third baby daddy and she also told me today she wants to have more kids next year in June."

"And she sending me videos of her and other man with our babies in the house."

"And then this thirsty ass dude posting selfies in the house I pay for and bed I made my baby in damn shame."

Whoa there: Did Rob just threaten to take Dream away from her mother?

Like we said: this $hit is getting serious.

We’re way beyond Blac Chyna simply taking her kids to Legoland without Rob here.

Look for Blac to fire back against Rob at any moment now – and look out for Dream to be just wandering down the street alone one of these days, while her parents continue to blow up at each other over social media.

That poor child.

UPDATE: Chyna responded to Kardashian’s allegations on Snapchat, turning the tables on her now-estranged ex in epic fashion:

Chyna says Rob beat her and forced her to stay quiet.

“On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian,” she wrote in a post that has since been deleted.

“The light will come to the light.”

Chynas Reply

Obviously, this is a developing story. On Sunday, Chyna Instagrammed that she was "single," and "happy" … so there’s that.

Meanwhile, single father Rob and Dream attended sister Khloe Kardashian’s big Fourth of July celebration on Tuesday.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Rob’s Instagram account has been deleted amidst allegations that he’s posting nude photos of Chyna as revenge porn.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped his social media meltdown.

Rob has taken to Twitter, where he’s continuing to hurl accusations and invective against Chyna.

He’s also re-posting the offending images that were removed from Instagram.

We’ll continue to update with further details as more information becomes available.