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Beyonce really did give birth to twins a couple months ago.

It wasn’t a rumor. There’s no conspiracy here.

We even know their names: Sir and Rumi Carter.

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However, you’d be forgiven if you doubted Beyonce really did squeeze not one but TWO kids out of her womb in June, considering the photos that have surfaced of her since.

In snapshot she shared two weeks ago, for instance, the artist is rocking a crop top and showing off a stomach that is already back to being svelte.

On Monday night, meanwhile, Beyonce attended sister Solange’s Saint Heron: Wine and Grind party at MASHstudios in Los Angeles.

And she got herself fully dressed up for the occasion, rocking the tight, short dress in which she’s pictured above and below.

The global superstar didn’t post a caption with these photos on her official website because that’s just not how she ever rolls.

But not very much really needs to be said, does it?

Can you believe this woman is only a very recent mother of twins?!?

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Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed their latest kids on June 15.

We’ve heard that the stars aren’t getting much sleep these days as a result, but that’s to be expected.

And this is what a source tells People Magazine for its latest issue:

“Beyonce has been very busy with the newborns, but she’s also been able to relax a bit. It’s helped her that Blue has been such an amazing big sister."

As is the case with many parents who already have a child upon introducing another one or two kids into the household, Bey and Jay made a point to spend a lot of "quality time" with Blue before she became a sibling.

They want to make sure she never feels jealous or insecure.


“There was no need to worry because Blue is great,” says this source. “She takes her job as a big sister very seriously and helps out a lot.”

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That’s so great to hear!

Neither Beyonce nor Jay Z have said much in public over the past several months.

They are holed up in a rented Malibu mansion and trying to enjoy this newly-expanded family.

As for their oldest daughter?

Blue is excited about starting kindergarten,” writes People, adding:

“She misses her friends. It will be fun for her to get back to her own life at school. Beyoncé is excited for her too but keeps saying that she can’t believe Blue is starting kindergarten.

"She thinks Blue is growing up way too fast!”