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Now that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new babies, Rumi and Sir Carter, have been born, things are very hush-hush about the family and their current private life.

We can’t imagine how much bravery it takes to spill details about Beyonce’s life, but one source stepped forward, so we now know some things about how things are going for the couple, for their new babies, and even for Blue Ivy.

Beyonce Slays

So, thanks to E!‘s source, we know five things about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s life with their new babies.

Thing number first: Beyonce’s well-being.

Having a baby is hard — hard on your body and mind, from pregnancy to childbirth.

Having two babies is so much.

According to this source, Beyonce is taking it easy.

She’s eating healthily but she’s not doing any bonkers workouts like some moms do to try to get the best possible post-baby body.

We’ve all seen Beyonce’s photos — she always looks amazing.

But we’re glad that she’s prioritizing her health.

Apparently her nutritionist and trainers are already on standby for whenever she’s ready to get back to tormenting her body into perfection.

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Things weren’t always so good between Beyonce and Jay-Z — you might remember that Jay-Z admitted that their marriage crumbled because it was built on lies. 

Things are apparently much better now, though.

A huge part of that was apparently the release of Lemonade, which is sort of when the healing started to really begin.

But evidently Jay-Z’s work on 4:44 really helped things along, too.

The kind of introspection and self-awareness that goes into making such a deeply personal album can really help to process your mistakes and rebuild an honest relationship.

You know how a lot of albums have diss tracks?

In addition to letting his mom come out as a lesbian in a song, Jay-Z spent a good amount of time in 4:44 essentially dissing himself.

He kind of deserved it, at that point.

(Though, to be clear, he also totally dissed Kanye West)

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Thirdly, there’s the twins themselves — Rumi and Sir Carter.

Obviously, even their names were merely rumor for a while, before we got confirmation.

The twins are apparently doing well at one month.

(It’s still bonkers that it’s already been a month, right?)

Also they have "great doctors" to look after them and keep them on track.

We hope to know more about the babies soon, even though right now they don’t have personalities or anything.

(I love babies, but one-month-olds are functionally similar to noisy, messy plants — there’s only so much that you can say)

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We’d never want to forget the twins’ big sister, Blue Ivy.

And neither would Beyonce or Jay-Z.

This source says that they definitely haven’t forgotten their five-year-old.

Blue is reportedly loving being a big sister.

(Speaking as someone who became a big brother at five, well … she has both good and bad times ahead of her, because younger siblings are precious but later on they can drive you nuts)

Apparently, Blue "helps" Beyonce take care of them, which sounds adorably precious.

And of course her parents are going out of their way to help Blue feel loved and included, as some older siblings feel rejection when the attention of their parents is suddenly divided.

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Finally, we know that Beyonce wants privacy.

They’re staying in a Malibu rental home, and they’re being very selective about who is and is not invited over.

(Which is smart, though clearly this source happened anyway)

Everybody wants to see new babies.

In many cases, it can be unwise, since newborns have the immune systems of, well, babies and can get sick super easily.

But for celebrities, especially those of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s caliber, they just don’t want to expose their babies to uncontrolled reporting.

And they don’t want to open up their home to snooping, even from friends.

As frustrating as that might be for some folks who want to know more, we get it.