Beyonce Shares Photo of Twins, CONFIRMS Baby Names!

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After a solid month of rumors, gossip speculation and discussion from countless sources, we have finally heard from Beyonce herself.

And Queen Bey delivered. Big time.

The global music icon has confirmed the names of her newborn twins and shared the first photo of the pair, a fittingly glorious image.

Beyonce Twins Photo!

Somewhat amazingly, the widely circulated Beyonce baby names we reported late last month actually turned out to be accurate.

Neither the mother of three nor her husband Jay Z had publicly commented on the names (or even their birth, for that matter).

As was the case with their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, the private couple kept all the details to themselves until they were ready.

So we were left wondering when, or if, they would do so here, and highly skeptical of Internet reports citing "sources" with intel.

But in this case, the rumors were true.

“Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today,” the 35-year-old captioned the photo above on Instagram in the early hours of Friday morning. 

Beyonce Looks Beautiful

Posted four hours ago, it has already received more than four million Likes as we type ... probably a lot more by the time you read this.

(Don't you even think of NOT engaging with it, either. The Beygency has spreadsheets of all people who view it but don't Follow or Like.)

Also noteworthy - and overshadowed by that epic photo - is her acknowledgement of Sir and Rumi Carter's birthday, one month ago.

That would indicate the little kids' birth as Wednesday, June 14, a solid 3-4 days before word got out that Beyonce gave birth to twins.

Pretty impressive in this day and age.

The family portrait, in which Bey wears a Palomo Spain ensemble, we're told, evokes the same themes as her stunning maternity photo.

Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

Without question, the photo of her with the twins is a callback to Beyonce and Jay Z's double baby announcement in February (above). 

The couple reportedly filed trademark documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in late June to protect the baby names.

Their company filed papers to trademark the monikers for items like fragrances and cosmetics to baby gear, tote bags, and water bottles.

Are we serious? Yes, Sir! (Sorry, we had to.)

Filing to trademark names of infants less than a month old may sound patently (eh, eh?) absurd for anyone not named Jay Z and Beyonce.

Yet it makes perfect sense for the Carters, because you know someone would actually try to do exactly what they're trying to prevent.

Beyonce: Nude and Pregnant!

(Sir Carter is gonna be an epic rap name, BTW.)

Rumi and Sir join big sister Blue Ivy, 5. Their proud parents stepped out last night to support Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa in Los Angeles.

In one of the A-list duo's first public appearances since expanding their family, “she was all smiles,” an onlooker reports, and rightfully so.

Dressed in a white long-sleeve mini dress, she had her arm wrapped around her 47-year-old husband’s waist as they left the bash.

Jay-Z briefly went on stage Thursday night to introduce the rapper, who recently announced his debut album, The Autobiography.

Neither addressed their family in any way, shape or form ... likely knowing Beyonce planned to do so in the wee hours of this morning.

Bey Insta

It's been a crazy month, much of which was spent in the hospital, but Beyonce and her family are all at living home, happy and healthy.

For a while, their health was the subject of much discussion as the twins' stay in the hospital dragged on longer than expected.

From what we're told, unspecified health issues after their birth - most likely signs of jaundice - delayed the duo's departure significantly.

While obviously concerning to any new parent, newborns spending time "under the lights" to correct possible liver issues is commonplace.

There are no long-term effects or major health risks ... only risks to mom and dad's sanity being cooped up there for a week.

Congrats again to the family! What do you think of the names? Hit or miss? (Remember, again, that the Beygency watches.)

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