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Let the conspiracy theories explode across the Internet once again.

Because we can’t help but wonder:

Did Beyonce really give birth to twins in mid-June?!?

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Questions about the legitimacy of the singer’s pregnancy are circulating once again after Beyonce shared a trio of new photos on her official website.

They each feature her on the way to a Kendrick Lamar concert in Los Angeles this week, and they each depict the superstar in a Fila crop top.

She’s also wearing an oversized Mistress Rocks camouflage jacket, high-waisted black Coal N Terry shorts and a pair of leather boots.

Oh, and she looks FRICKIN AMAZING!

This person really squeezed two babies out of her body less than two months ago?!?

(We don’t actually doubt that she did. We’re kidding about the whole conspiracy thing. But, man. Beyonce is not of this world.)

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As is often the case when Beyonce shares pictures on her website, the artist did not include any captions with the images.

She let her svelte, post-babies figure speak for itself.

And what it basically says is this: I am a workout and diet and overall goddess and you should be grateful I let you live in my world.

The day before these sizzling snapshots hit the Internet, Beyonce photographed heading to a Los Angeles gym with Jay-Z and Kelly Rowland.

A witness told E! News of the sighting:

"Beyoncé walked out with a towel, and she looked like she had a serious sweat session. Jay-Z was in a great mood and so was Kelly. They all looked exasperated but thrilled."

That’s sort of how we feel when looking at these images.

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The legendary singer has also been attending SoulCycle class over the past few weeks and "easing into" her typically intense workout and diet regimen.

Yes, she "still recovering" from giving birth, writes E!, but the website adds that she’s shed so many pounds so quickly by "drinking many green juices and trying to watch what she puts in her body."

Beyonce and her famous husband have named their twins Sir and Rumi Carter.

The stars have rented out a mansion in Malibu to parent their kids in privacy, with an insider previously explaining how they are tired but very happy.

Jay-Z is reportedly helping out as much as he can at home, while each parent is also making a point to spend a lot of time with five-year old daughter Blue Ivy.

They don’t want her to feel left out in all this twins-based excitement.

"They are totally exhausted, but at the same time have never been happier as a family," a source close to the situation explains.

Exhausted and happy as a new parent?

Perhaps Beyonce isn’t some kind of flawless alien after all! She suddenly sounds like pretty much every mother we’ve ever met!