Drake: Jealous of Rihanna-Hassan Jameel Relationship?

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No need to engage in any of that past life-regression hypnosis nonsense.

We already know you weren't the best person in your previous incarnations, know why?

Because if you were, you would've come back as Rihanna, of course!

Rihanna: Is She Pregnant

Sure there are richer, more famous, and even more talented celebrities, but no one on Earth can match Queen RiRi's genius for living well.

Sometimes, she overshadows massive parade floats with her bikini body at the Crop Over festival.

Sometimes, she messes with the world's most famous athletes in the middle of the NBA Finals just for the fun of it.

In everything she does, Rihanna has spent years living the good life in a way that even most of her fellow famous millionaires can only imagine.

And though it may have once seemed impossible, the 29-year-old music icon has recently stepped her game up once again.

Back in June, we learned that Rihanna is dating Hassan Jameel, a billionaire Saudi billionaire, whom she'd been seeing on the sly for several months.

Rihanna Blows Kisses

Insiders say RiRi is head over heels, and it seems the situation has riled one of her most high-profile exes.

Rihanna dated Drake twice in the past few years.

Both times, it ended badly, but it seems Drizzy is still holding a torch for his most famous ex.

“Drake has always had a thing for Rihanna, and still does," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"They’ve hooked up and tried dating numerous times over the past, but it’s never worked out to be a permanent thing, and that’s something he regrets to this day."

The insider says Drake recently sent a sly message to Rihanna via Instagram, posting a photo in which he's rocking a pair of socks from her fashion line.

Drake in a Vest

“The socks photo was his way of ruffling Rihanna’s feathers and letting her know he’s still out there and thinking of her,” the source claims.

The insider adds that Drake is well aware that he and Rihanna do not have a future together, but that's not enough to stop him from lusting after her:

“If they did try to date again it would likely never work out because it’s all about the passion and sex with them, and when everyday life starts to creep in they inevitably start drifting apart," says the source.

"But that doesn’t stop Drake lusting after her, and he can’t help thinking that Rihanna could be the one that got away."

Fortunately for Drizzy, there's big money in radio-friendly breakup ballads.

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