Scott Disick: Forced to Take Breathalyzer Before Seeing Kids?!

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Scott Disick has been partying harder than usual lately.

And if you know Scott Disick, you know that's an extremely dangerous state of affairs.

The thing is, Scott always drinks too much, stays away from his kids for too long, hooks up with inappropriately young women, etc.

Scott Disick for Lyft

So when he goes on a bender that reaches epic proportions even by his lofty standards, it's not hard to see why those closest to the 34-year-old become concerned.

Not that an addict needs a reason to indulge (and at this point, it seems there's little doubt that Dicisk is in the grips of a powerful addiction), but Scott's latest downward spiral was reportedly prompted by the news that Kourtney Kardashian is dating Younes Bendjima.

The romance seems to have confirmed what Scott feared most - his relationship with the mother of his children is really over for good.

Insiders say part of the reason for Scott's recent bad behavior is his desire for revenge on Kourtney.

So there's a sort of tragic irony in his misconduct:

Kourtney & Scott Image

He's acting out to get his ex's attention, but he's only pushing her further away.

In irate comments to her inner circle, Kourtney has stated that she hopes Scott will be a better man for the sake of his three kids.

Now, it seems she's not taking any chances that he'll shape up on his own.

“She is requiring him to take a Breathalyzer test before he takes the kids anywhere by himself,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“At first Scott was completely resistant to doing it, but now he’s agreeing.”

Scott Disick at the Sugar Factory Photo

Yes, it seems Scott will have to prove he's under the legal limit before he's permitted to spend time with his children.

It's the latest sign that Kourtney is through playing around with her troubled ex.

Insiders say it hasn't been easy, and Kourtney hates feeling like she's coming between a father and his kids, but she'll do what she feels is necessary to ensure her children's safety:

 “Kourtney is still seeking full custody with supervised visits," says the source.

“The problem is that the kids love Scott so much and they really do not fully understand what is going on,” the insider adds.

“When Scott is not around, the kids are always asking where their daddy is and it breaks Kourtney’s heart.”

Will knowing that he's permanently damaging his relationship with his children convince Scott to get the help he so clearly needs?

Only time will tell, but it seems it's a risk Kourtney is willing to take.

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