Catelynn Lowell: Mocking Ryan Edwards' Drug Problem?!

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Ryan Edwards just can't catch a break, huh?

He's got a drug problem, a shady new wife, and no one close to him will stop running their mouths about him while he's off in rehab.

Ryan Edwards Pic

Sure, he's made a ton of bad choices along the way, but still, talk about kicking a guy while he's down.

It would be nice if he could have the support of his family and friends while he's trying to get healthy, but unfortunately, that just doesn't seem to be the case.

And now he may have Catelynn Lowell, of all people, making things even worse.

Earlier this week, Catelynn shared this meme on Instagram:

Catelynn Lowell Heroin Meme

In her caption, she wrote "not meant for anyone particular just saying everyone," but her followers weren't buying it.

"This was to Ryan," one person told her. "Just own it."

Another wrote "You are wrong for putting this out here btw! Ryan needs prayers!"

A popular theory is that since Ryan was allegedly on serious painkillers back in 2012, he could have moved on to heroin in recent years.

It's pure speculation, of course, but it's not an uncommon move for addicts: painkillers are expensive, and heroin is similar, but much cheaper.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Photo

And since Maci Bookout confided in Catelynn about Ryan's drug use and how serious it's been getting, people are assuming that she knows more than the rest of us.

Specifically, that she knows what Ryan is using and that she's giving a major hint with this post.

As one person wrote, "It's bad timing with Ryan and such and it probably doesn't feel good for Maci (who is your friend and who cried to you about his situation) to see this."

"I'm sure if someone from TM had posted the same meme with 'stop being depressed' you'd get loud about it."

"If it's not about anyone in particular, you could have waited for another time to post it and not right when Ryan, his family and Maci are in headlines about his drug use and rehab."

Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards and Bentley

A solid point, for sure.

But even if Catelynn wasn't trying to imply anything about Ryan, people still were not pleased.

"How about stop smoking weed," someone suggested. "Be an example for Nova."

One of her followers wrote "I find it ironic and sad that you put other people's issues on blast when you seem to have a boatload of your own."

"Between this and your fake pregnancy test post you are truly disgusting. Bye Felicia," one particularly upset Instagrammer commented.

Catelynn Lowell Purple Hair

One of Catelynn's (former?) fans got almost too real, saying "Coming from a person who left their daughter alone with an addict."

"Posting stuff like an immature teenager you wonder why Theresa and Brandon don't want anything to do with you."

... Where's the lie?

Look, if Catelynn is trying to imply something about Ryan, that's awful, but even if she's not, what a dumb post to make.

Just do better, Catelynn. It's really not that hard.

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