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If you follow the life and "career" of Scott Disick closely, you’re probably aware that the Lord’s got a lot on his plate these days.

Between hooking up with random famous teens in an effort to make Kourtney Kardashian jealous and getting blackout hammered on a nightly basis, it’s amazing that Scott has time for …

Well, he doesn’t work or see his kids with any regularity, so we guess it’s actually not so surprising that he’s able to accommodate a 24-hour party lifestyle.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

Anyway, the campaign to win Kourtney back through bad behavior doesn’t appear to be working, but Scott has succeeded in capturing his ex’s attention.

It seems the entire Kard clan is deeply worried about Scott these days, seemingly for good reason.

Sources say the family believes Disick is drinking himself to death, and they fear that if they don’t act soon, it could be too late.

"Scott has gone off the deep end again," an insider tells Entertainment Tonight, noting that Scott has been partying non-stop for over two weeks.

"This is something that Scott has struggled with for years, and something Kourtney has dealt with since she has known Scott," the source explains.

Scott Disick Poster

"When Scott starts partying, he can’t stop. There is no middle ground for Scott — it’s go all in or none at all. This is how he has always been."

For obvious reasons, Kourtney is keeping her kids from Scott until he sobers up, but apparently, that tactic might be making the situation more perilous.

The insider claims that Scott is feeling alienated from his family, which has caused him to descend deeper into alcoholism and generally reckless behavior.

"[Disick] goes into the dark, depressed stages," the source says, in which he "turns to partying for help."

But out of necessity, Kourtney’s  number one concern remains the safety and well-being of her kids:

Scott Disick Stands

"Kourtney’s first priority is to protect her kids, and that’s what she’ll do," says the insider.

"Kourtney has had enough and does not want him around the kids until he can figure his own problems out."

The source notes that the situation is more dire than ever, not only because the Kardashians are concerned that this bender could be Scott’s last, but also because his kids are reaching the age where they know that something is amiss.

"The kids are getting older, especially Mason, where they know that something is wrong," says the source.

Oh Lord

"She has been through this so many times before and does love him; he’s the father of her three children," the source shares.

"She’s worried this won’t ever stop and hopes he gets the help he needs."

In the past, Kourtney and her family have been able to coax Disick into rehab, and they’re reportedly hoping they’ll be able to do so again.

Here’s hoping Scott gets the help he needs as soon as possible.