Sofia Richie Responds to Scott Disick Sex Rumors: Are They Hitting It?

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Over the last several days, Scott Disick has put the "CAN" in the Cannes Film Festival.

As in: Yes, I sure can bang everything that moves in an attempt to get back at Kourtney Kardashian for her latest relationship.

Despite his douchebag-like behavior and generally irritating personality, the reality star has been living it up during his vacation in France.

Sofia Richie in Cannes

Witnesses have thus far spotted Disick with Bella Thorne and then with Chloe Bartoli, the same ex-girlfriend with whom Scott partied two years ago in Europe, prompting Kourtney to finally break up with him.

Just a couple days ago, meanwhile, pictures went viral of Disick hanging out with Sofia Richie on a yacht.

The two looked awfully chummy.

Moreover, Richie formerly dated Justin Bieber, who many believe has gone to bed (naked!) on numerous occasions with Disick's three-time baby mama.

So this would be a logical person for Scott to screw as part of his vengeful sex romp, right?

Sofia Richie Turns Serious

Yes, based on that line of reasoning.

But Richie is here to shoot down any kind of Scott Disick sex chatter.

"Just so everyone can get their panties out of their asses, Scott and I are just homies," the model Tweeted on Sunday, using a hashtag to tell folks to "#relax."

richie message

We're pretty relaxed about everything, though, just so Sofia is aware.

We're just curious.

With Kardashian galavanting around alongside Younes Bendjima, multiple sources have confirmed that Disick is doing everything he can to make his ex-girlfriend feel jealous.

Or doing everyone he can, we ought to say.

This has always been a sound strategy, of course.

Any time a guy wants to get back together with a gal, the best way to accomplish that goal is to sleep around as much as possible and to make sure said gal knows all about it.

This will totally work out in the end for you, Scott.

Scott Disick Poster

Kourtney's main issue with her unreliable ex-lover, of course, has always been this sort of behavior.

Not just the constant banging of the opposite sex, but the consistent drinking and partying.

Disick's priorities have always seemed out of whack, and friends have only grown more and more concerned in recent weeks.

"Scott's lifestyle has become out of control," an insider tells Us Weekly, adding:

"His friends are all worried for him and trying to calm him down. His friends begged him not to go to Cannes."

Oh well. That ship has sailed.

And Disick has been on the ship, flirting with every female he sees, while trying to get them into bed.

All except for Sofia Richie, that is. Sorry. She's made that pretty clear, hasn't she?

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