Jenelle Evans: Hey, I Was Assaulted by an Airline, Too!

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Jenelle Evans has quite the story to tell.

Jenelle Opens Up

Because hey, you know the story of United Airlines and David Dao?

David is a doctor, and he boarded a flight on United Airlines from Chicago to Louisville earlier this week. Everyone hopped on the plane before it was announced that the flight was overbooked, and five passengers would have to leave.

After no one volunteered, five people were chosen at random, and while four of them left willingly, David, the fifth passenger, refused because, as a doctor, he has several appointments the next day and couldn't reschedule his flight.

United called the police, they violently removed David from the plane, and the story immediately went viral. It's pretty much all anyone's been able to talk about for the past several days.

"OK," you may be thinking, "but what does any of this have to do with Jenelle Evans, everyone's favorite Teen Mom trainwreck?"

Jenelle Evans Gaze

And the answer, friends, is that is has everything to do with Jenelle.

See, Jenelle and her boyfriend, David Eason, went on yet another vacation this week.

They left their new baby, Ensley, and Jenelle's two-year-old son Kaiser behind so they could take the oldest kids, Jace and David's daughter Maryssa, to an Ariana Grande concert.

They flew American Airlines, and we know that because on April 13th, Jenelle tweeted the following message:

"After letting the manager know at @AmericanAir I was rudely treated. Was assaulted at the airport. Tried to grab my phone out of my hands!"

Jenelle Evans Makeup Pid

It's hard to know exactly what she means here because Jenelle isn't the best at communicating -- was the phone thing the assault here? Was being "rudely treated" the assault? Was she actually assaulted?

Considering her criminal record, you'd think she'd be a little clearer on this point.

American Airlines responded to her tweet, telling her "Your comments concern us, Jenelle. Please DM us with your record locator and details."

We assume she did DM them, because we haven't heard anything else about the situation, and she even deleted the original message.

But someone did tell her "Sounds like you were on United Airlines" and she responded with "Lmao for real... people need to stop the madness!", and that exchange is still up.

Jenelle Evans at Farrah Abraham's 25th Birthday Celebration

OK, now look, we don't want to say that Jenelle could be lying for attention ...

But her followers are more than willing to say so.

When one of her less assuming fans told Jenelle to let everyone know how things turn out, another replied "What happened is that she lied. She lies about everything."

Another theorized "Jenelle just needs to make sure she has income after MTV fires her so this will be her new job of suing companies!"

"She does this same exact thing every single time she flies," one person wrote. "By the way it's karma because she treats everyone badly."

If Jenelle really was assaulted at the airport, then we feel for her and hope that she gets justice or acknowledgement or whatever it is she wants from this.

And we'll just leave it at that.

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