Jenelle Evans Baby Photos: FIRST LOOK!

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On January 24th, 2017, Jenelle Evans gave birth to her third kid -- and her very first daughter! -- Ensley Jolie Eason.

And yeah, yeah, a lot of people (including us) always have some trash to talk about Jenelle, but the birth of a baby is a genuinely joyous occasion.

So let's put aside all the many, many feelings we have about her, let's try to forget her extremely messy past and all the wrongs she's done, and let's just focus on all the positives here.

For one, Jenelle looks really happy, possibly the happiest she's ever been.

And for two, this is a seriously precious baby ...

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
An exhausted Jenelle poses for a quick selfie with her man, David Eason, as baby Ensley breastfeeds. Adorable!

2. David Breastfeeds, Too!

David Breastfeeds, Too!
Or, well, he feeds Ensley with a syringe of breast milk so Jenelle can take a picture. Still sweet!

3. Baby Finger!

Baby Finger!
Really, is there anything cuter in this whole world than a baby's little bitty hand? Or a baby's little feet? Or a baby's .... Babies are just the cutest, we'll leave it at that.

4. The Doting Father

The Doting Father
David, normally a total creep, actually looks sweet with this new little baby. Who would have thought?!

5. Cuddle Time!

Cuddle Time!
A photo like this almost makes you forget all those times that Jenelle has been completely horrible, huh?

6. That Strong Bond

That Strong Bond
After just a day of being alive, Ensley has already found her bestie!

7. Seriously, David's in It to Win It

Seriously, David's in It to Win It
Let's hope he stays this into parenting this little girl.

8. The Big Reveal ...

The Big Reveal ...
LOOK AT THIS BABY. This is the first photo of Ensley's precious little face, and she is absolutely darling.

9. Sleepy Baby!

Sleepy Baby!
It's actually kind of painful how adorable this baby is.

10. Those Eyes!

Those Eyes!
And those fingers! And those toes! Say what you will, but you know Jenelle makes some beautiful babies.

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