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Poor, poor Jenelle Evans. In your entire life, have you ever even heard of someone who’s had it as hard as this girl has?

She’s been arrested time after time, and yes, the Teen Mom 2 star has committed crimes and broken the law, but … come on.

Jenelle in Court

She’s been fighting her mother to regain custody of her own son for years now, and yes, she’s the one who gave up custody to begin with.

And yes, her track record speaks for itself, and because of it, she hasn’t really shown that she deserves to win custody.

But seriously, come on.

Jenelle is obviously a victim, don’t you see? When she gets arrested or when she gets into a fight with her mother, none of it is her fault.

At least, that’s what Jenelle would have us believe.

In this new clip from the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 – the premiere airs on Monday night! – Jenelle is in court yet again, this time for assault charges.

Evans attacked Jessica Henry, her former fiance Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, by throwing a glass at her head last August.

Jenelle in the Courtroom

She went to court in April, where, spoiler alert, she was found not guilty, and MTV cameras were there to film the whole mess.

In this clip from the Season 8 premiere of the hit MTV show, you see Jenelle tell the story of the assault from her point of view.

She starts crying, she struggles to get through her story, and yes, the Carolina Hurricane totally is the victim in this fiasco.

Check out the madness in the video below: