Kylie Jenner: Unable to Function Without Tyga?!

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up over a month ago ... but you know they can't quit each other.

For some inconceivable yet really disturbing reason, these two keep coming back to each other, against all odds.

A Kiss for Tyga

(The odds, in case you forgot, being that they got together when Kylie was still legally a child and also that thing where Kylie's brother shares a child with Tyga's ex.)

It's hard to watch, but still, we can never look away.

But sadly, we're learning now that there may be a more sinister reason for Kylie and Tyga's constant back and forth romance.

And that is that -- surprise! -- their relationship is actually pretty unhealthy.

According to a source who spoke with People, Kyga's relationship, when it's in play, is always a "complicated" one.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Hold Hands

"When Kylie is happy, they're happy -- but it's never that simple," the source says. "There's always some kind of drama with Kylie and Tyga."

Understatement of the year, right?

But more troubling than the drama that constantly surrounds their relationship is that "When he's around, that's all that matters in her world."

"And she's in such an incredible position right now -- poised to have such incredible success."

It's true, you know. There's her insanely popular cosmetics line, and her new Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-off that's coming up soon.

Kylie at Fashion Week

The world is her oyster, but alas, "When things go awry between those two, Kylie loses focus and turns into a different person."

"She won't listen to anyone -- it's like nobody can talk sense into her until they work things out."

The source concludes this tragic tale with "If they could ever get to a mature point where it was more of a functional relationship, things would be amazing."

"But until then, it continues to be a sore subject."

What a great big troubling mess.

The thing is that Kylie began dating Tyga when she was so young, and with him being considerably older than her, not to mention the fact that he was already a father when they got together ...

Kyga on Vacation

They've just never really had a chance to have a healthy relationship.

That's been proven with this latest breakup, which, according to various sources, happened because Tyga cheated on her and she feels she can't trust him, because she wanted him to propose and he wouldn't, or because she simply got bored.

Kylie, honey, there's nothing wrong with being single.

Take advantage of the stupid amount of fame you got by literally doing nothing, set yourself up for the future, have the kind of fun a 19-year-old girl should be having, and forget about this douchebag.

It's really not that difficult.

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