#NewUnitedAirlinesMottos Take Over Internet: Choose a Favorite!

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The Internet sucks when it's taking Kelly Clarkson to task for giving her child some Nutella.

But the Internet is pretty awesome when it comes together to ridicule an individual or a company clearly in need of some hardcore ridiculing.

The latest case in point? United Airlines.

By now, you must be familiar with the way in which this airline overbooked a recent flight ... and then responded to a customer refusing to give up the seat he had already paid for by dragging him violently off the aircraft.

In response to this heinous incident, social media has made the hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos trend, as users from around the globe have come up with a few new ideas for United taglines. 

To wit:

1. Meet the New Spokesman!

Meet the New Spokesman!
It's Negan from The Walking Dead. You REALLY don't want him to make any decisions for you.

2. We'll Handle This

We'll Handle This
The United CEO definitely chose the wrong week to stop sniffling glue.

3. Welcome to The Dark Side

Welcome to The Dark Side
Do. What. We. Say.

4. United We... Purge?

United We... Purge?

5. An Underdog Story

An Underdog Story
I did it!!!!!

6. We Also Put the "Y" in "Why Would Any Company Act Like This?"

We Also Put the "Y" in "Why Would Any Company Act Like This?"
See. We're very versatile.

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