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Did Rasheeda stand by embattled husband Kirk Frost after word of his alleged dalliances with Jasmine Washington spread like wildfire?

VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 3 set out to answer that, as Rasheeda turned to Jasmine personally for answers.

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Watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 3 Online

If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you’re aware of the drama that has been percolating between Rasheeda, Kirk and Jasmine.

Still, nothing prepared us for this level of ridiculousness.

Just ask Mimi Faust, who introduces viewers to the "Stripper Sister Wives," a.k.a. Rod Bullock’s two dancers Keanna and (yes) Jasmine.

They live together, and moreover, Jasmine Washington is supposedly raising Kirk’s baby with Rod and Keanna … who also says she boned Kirk.

Regardless of whether this is true, partially true or completely invented for the show, it’s pretty incredible even for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

All we know for sure is that Rasheeda is the victim here.

When Kirk owns up to cheating to her face (he says he was drunk and doesn’t mention the whole baby issue), she takes off her ring.

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After Rasheeda bombards him with some harsh words, he admits he lied at first because he didn’t want to hurt her. How nice of him.

‘Sheeda opens up to Tammy Rivera as Mimi and her friend Melissa are at a loss for words when Rod tells them about the two strippers.

Regarding Tammy, you may recall that she broke up with Waka Flocka Flame for cheating on her … well, now he’s trying to win her back!

And move back in. He brought a suitcase. That’s one way to force the issue. As for Tommie, he forgave Karlie for sleeping with Lil Scrappy.

Even though that happened before he went to prison, he’s willing to move forward. Of course, he refuses to do her any favors, either.

Looks like prison didn’t change the old Tommie.

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Once upon a time, Karlie was trying to get back with Yung Joc, but he’s still single and seems to be loving life that way, so there’s that.

Finally, Joseline stole Stevie J’s underwear, put it in a zip-loc bag and took it for a DNA test to establish paternity of her unborn child.

Since Stevie J didn’t submit the sample, this wouldn’t be admissible in court under any stretch of the legal imagination, but whatever.

That said, Stevie J told Mimi he thinks he may be the dad and would take a DNA test; Mimi just doesn’t want Joseline around their kid.

Clearly, we are seeing a thaw in relations between Stevie and his pregnant longtime partner since their epic blowups of last summer.

Yes, despite Joseline calling Stevie a deadbeat child molester and saying she passed a lie detector test proving Stevie J watches gay porn.