Vanderpump Rules Recap: Taco Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday!

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On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 20, it became obvious that Stassi had changed for the better, to the surprise of no one ever.

How did Lisa react to that, and did she figure out what was going on with Scheana when her waitress started acting erratically at work?

Also ... Schwartz and Katie got married! For real!

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you knew that with only 24 hours left until their big day, it was still up in the air whether it'd happen.

Katie and Schwartz had endured a tumultuous couple of weeks leading up to the wedding, to say the least, and everyone was freaking.

Jax Taylor, for one, was beyond stressed.

Tom Sandoval wanted to surprise his namesake by flying out his triplet brothers for the wedding, but the trio missed their flights to LA.

“I couldn’t think of anything that could suck more,” Jax lamented. “All they had to do was show up on time, and they couldn’t do that!”

Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Image

Why Tom's brothers flying in would be a surprise, we can't say, but Mike Shay was feeling melancholy in the run-up to the event, too.

“His behavior lately has just been off,” Scheana Shay said, later lying to Lisa, who asked how everything has been going with her marriage:

“Amazing! We have our spark back!" she said.

"When we kiss, it’s like the first time again.”

The announcement of the inevitable Scheana and Mike Shay divorce came after this was filmed, and much has been written about it.

Soon it was time for the happy (?) couple's “Taco Tuesday” rehearsal dinner, and then the wedding, which Lisa finally agreed to officiate.

How was the Big Boss feeling about that?

L to the VP

“I’m a little bit nervous because I’m officiating the wedding, but I’ve had no direction whatsoever,” Lisa told the Bravo cameras of the role.

“I could be saying, ‘Hey, do you f--ker take you f--ker to get married and spend the rest of your life screaming at each other?’ They have no idea!”

They would have an idea if she said that during the ceremony, but we think we know where's going with it. In any case, it was so emotional.

“Oh, if you start crying, I’ll start crying,” Lisa jokingly said to Katie, while Schwartz's brothers showed up after all and Tom broke down.

“My brain is not even processing,” Schwartz said, clearly moved. “I’m looking at them. I know it’s my brothers! But my mind won’t accept it.”

For his part, Jax was just relieved.

Tom and Katie of Vanderpump Rules

“I wanted to rip my teeth out, and then stick a spoon in my eye and drag my body behind a semi-truck. That’s what it was like," he said.

Getting them there was worth it, though, so they could witness their brother's nuptials ... but first, some vintage Stassi Schroeder tears.

Stassi admitted that she made mistakes (“Maybe you needed to grow up,” Lisa told her) as she tried to make it right before the wedding.

Most importantly, Schwartz and Katie’s wedding finally arrived, and both Tom and Katie actually showed up and exchanged vows. Amazing.

Schwartz finished writing his vows with only an hour to spare, and Kristen, Tom and Jax scrambled to get everyone there, but they did.

And they all lived happily ever after?

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