Joseline Hernandez: I'm Pregnant! Stevie J is a Deadbeat Child Molester!

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez swears she is pregnant, that Stevie J is the father, and that he's disavowed the child.

All in one Twitter rant. Epic work, even for her!

Joseline and Stevie

Joseline, never one to let a day go by without stirring up big drama on Twitter, shared a photo of what appeared to be a baby bump.

You can see the image in question below.

The 29-year-old then confirmed Wednesday that she's pregnant with Stevie J's child ... a curious development, given their estrangement.

Not that she's happy about it, mind you.

In a lengthy rant, the volatile reality star blasted the 44-year-old musician, calling him a "worthless son of a b!tch," among other things.

"DNA test[s] don't lie," she said.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump

NOTE: DNA tests are indeed more accurate than lie detector tests "proving" Stevie loves gay porn, we will give Joseline that much.

NOTE #2: It's not clear if she actually got a DNA test, or if this pregnancy is even legit, given her track record as a pathological liar.

"You know you are the daddy of this baby," however, "thank god you are disclaiming the baby," she added, upping the head-scratching ante.

"We don't want your last name."

Why? Isn't it obvious: "Your family is sick your dad is a child molester and so are you. Me my baby and I will have a better life without you in it."

Well ... okay then.

"Now go run along and stop knocking on my door and calling me at 5 in the am after you been getting high all night," Hernandez added.

Joseline's pregnancy - if it's real, which forgive us for being skeptical, we're not quite ready to concede just yet - would come as a shock.

Not only has she openly stated and spread Stevie J gay rumors, but she's made no indication of the fact that she wants kids, ever.

On the contrary: She's said she doesn't anytime soon.

“I do love kids. I do want kids and I am going to have some but I feel like a kid myself too," she explained in a recent interview. 

"So I’m not ready for kids because I feel so young.” 

Yeah. Basically, if this Twitter rant she went on is any indication of what's to come ... then grab a hat and hold the f--k onto it people!

And follow the link to watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online. Because, in the immortal words of a man called 'Ye ... THAT S--T CRAY!

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