Joseline and Stevie J: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Feud Goes NUCLEAR!

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If you thought that there might be a chance that Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame would get back together?

Think again. Then enjoy the fireworks below.

Joseline spread Stevie J gay rumors last weekend, tweeting that she had proof that her husband (debatable) is either gay or bisexual.

She insulted him to that extent several times, claimed she would take a lie detector test to prove it and showed no signs of relenting.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you know that these two have been together forever, but it's also been extremely tumultuous.

Stevie J and Joseline have been separated for seven months since she drunk and took bleach to $40,000 worth of his clothing collection.

Only recently, though, did Hernandez go OFF on her longtime partner, making a reference to getting one “where it hurts,” i.e. “the pockets.”

That implies some sort of blackmail ... and she also insists that he's into dudes, for what that's worth. Yeah. It's ugly and getting worse.

Which brings us to Tha Next Episode ...

1. BISH Im'ma Drop the Bomb Today

BISH Im'ma Drop the Bomb Today
Joseline, it seems, never really stopped the feud. She was just gearing up for round two and beyond.

2. You Ain't Got No House!

You Ain't Got No House!
Suffice it to say, Stevie J is not a popular figure with Joseline right now. He also may or may not be broke.

3. Feuding Isn't Just For Twitter

Feuding Isn't Just For Twitter
Joseline has been posting image after image on Instagram, all meant to insult Stevie J in some way. Here are some we can actually show you.

4. Loyalty is Rare These Days

Loyalty is Rare These Days
Stevie J responded by taking the high road. Passive-aggressively, of course, but still. Relatively speaking, it was a higher road than his estranged wife's path at least.

5. Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough
Joseline has had it, okay? She's been dealing with this s--t for years.

6. Now You'll Become 1

Now You'll Become 1
How will he become a man now? It's not clear, but Joseline means business.

7. Slander

Once again, Stevie tried to get profound and back on the higher ground. But ...

8. I'm a SHARK!

I'm a SHARK!
... he couldn't resist one last dig. Until they tweet again ...

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