Amber Portwood: Sued For Trashing Her Own House?!

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Amber Portwood isn't known for her solid decision-making skills.

One needs only to look at her relationship with Matt Baier to see evidence of that.

But despite some serious setbacks along the way, Amber has managed to carve out a relatively stable life on content domesticity for herself (engagement to a deadbeat douchebag notwithstanding).

Amber, Matt on Teen Mom OG

Which is why it's surprising to learn that the 26-year-old mom recently fell behind on her rent and was living in such a squalid state that she's being sued by the former landlord who had to clean up the mess.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Zuluscape, the company from which Portwood and Baier rented their previous home, is suing the couple for unpaid rent and thousands of dollars in repairs.

The landlord claims that Amber and Matt owed him more than $1,600 for bailing on their last month's rent.

Not only that, Amber and Matt's pets apparently did suck a number on the place that the landlord had to replace every carpet in the house.

Amber Portwood at Reunion

And according to the docs, the repairs didn't end there:

"Other damages include dry wall damage repair, vertical blind replacement, six new mini blinds, new door knob, hardwire new smoke detector, set of four drip plans, removal and dump of contents left behind, and weed, mulch, brush removal, gutter cleaning and fence repair."

Yeah, that's a lot of damage for two dogs, two cats, and two grown ass people who are somehow responsible for the lives of a ridiculous number of kids.

(It's unclear exactly how many offspring Matt is supposed to be caring for, but some sources swear Baier has eight kids.)

The total for the repairs and the rent is upwards of six grand, ans Amber and Matt are scheduled to appear in court on February 23.

Amber and Matt

Amber has yet to comment on the situation, but insiders say she denies all responsibility.

Of course, $6,000 is chump change for Ms. Portwood, so she'll probably just settle out of court.

Besides, she's got enough legal headaches headed her way, what with Baier's many paternity suits.

And Baier being sued for attacking Farrah Abraham's dad.

Did we mention she should probably just dump Matt Baier?

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