Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid: Are They Engaged?

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Over the past several days, Bella Hadid has watched her love life get torn into shreds.

The model does not seem to be reacting very well to news that Selena Gomez is now dating Bella's ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

But just as Bella is trying to figure out how she'll move on in light of this upsetting development, sister Gigi Hadid is very sure about her future.

We know it will include Zayn Malik by her side...

Zayn Malik with Gigi Hadid

... but will it include Zayn Malik legally by her side for life?

In other words: Are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid engaged?

The stars got together in late 2015, making their relationship official via a cute photo on Instagram.

There was talk that the former One Direction singer dumped Hadid after a fight during her 21st birthday party last year (pictures down below), but friends admitted at the time that Zayn and Gigi often broke up and got back together.

It was just how they rolled.

And they've been rolling very smoothly for months now.

On Monday, Hadid was spotted out in New York City wearing a new ring on her left finger.

Yes, the same finger around which one would wear an engagement ring.

The following evening, Malik was photographed leaving his hotel in The Big Apple, clearly rocking a new tattoo on his right hand.

The ink featured the word "love" written across Zayn' knuckles.

Gigi and Zayn

These fresh engagement rumors arrive a week after Malik celebrated his 24th birthday.

And a week after Hadid gushed over her famous boyfriend on Instagram.

"Happy birthday, my handsome!" she wrote. "So lucky to know and love a soul like yours. Wishing you the best year ever!!!"

So far, it's clearly heading in a positive direction.

Malik recently filmed a cameo for Ocean's 8, the all-female remake of Ocean's 11 that will star Sandra Bullock and Rihanna, among other huge names.

He also has Hadid by his side, for better or worse, whether or not the stars have agreed to marry.

Gigi Hadid at Fashion Awards

"I think that he is so talented and comes from such a genuine place of loving music," the lovely model told Entertainment Weekly in November, adding:

"The music that he's starting to do more now is just showing how much more he's learning about himself."

So hang in there, okay, Bella?

It may seem dark now, but you need only to turn to your sister as an example to see how much brighter things can become.

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