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Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, has just avoided facing off in court with five of his angry baby mamas. Again.

Amber Portwood and Fiance Matt Baier

If you watch Teen Mom online, or read any celebrity gossip these days, you know the saga of Portwood’s 45-year-old future spouse.

Right from the start, fans felt he was a bad apple.

Reports that Matt Baier has seven kids seemed so ridiculous at first, and indeed, this tabloid fodder turned out to he false in the end.

But only because Matt Baier has eight kids! By at least five women now taking him to court looking for back child support, and HARD.

Radar Online – which claims Baier actually as "at least nine kids" (not confirmed) – says he managed to wriggle out of the hearing, though.

According to Madison (Ind.) Circuit Court documents, Baier’s attorney filed a motion to postpone Matt’s May 10 court date to June 23.

This isn’t the first time he moved back the meeting; Baier’s original March 22 hearing was rescheduled to May at his lawyer’s urging.

In fact, the women have been seeking unpaid child support since October, though a judicial officer couldn’t track him down until January. 

He can’t dodge this quagmire forever, though.

The mothers (believed to be responsible for seven of his kids) are determined to take him to task, and have teamed up to make it happen.

Moreover, he’s become more of a public figure.

With Teen Mom: OG actually paying him some money, he find it progressively more difficult to delay, evade or deny taking more responsibility.

And, even if he settles these debts, Baier still has even more child support to pay if two other women’s paternity claims prove legitimate.

Matt, the women claim, owes thousands in child support payments after abandoning the kids as babies. Sounds like a real winner, no?

For his part, Baier has downplayed the allegations as being exaggerated by the media, while tacitly acknowledging his troubled past.

Portwood, 25, has stood by her man through his multiple scandals, publicly defending him to baby daddy Gary Shirley and the press.

Time will tell how long she can keep that up.