Amber Portwood and Matt Baier: Will They Still Get Married ... or is This the End?

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With Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's wedding canceled, as she confirmed this week, Teen Mom Nation is now asking the obvious:

Will these two get married? Ever?

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All year, the revelation that Matt Baier has eight kids from previous relationships has caused the MTV couple behind-the-scenes drama.

They put on a good front for the most part, with Matt claiming that Portwood "knew everything" about his past, and it was not an issue.

Not necessarily the case.

To that end, it was both shocking and not at all shocking when Portwood confirmed that their planned fall nuptials have been shelved.

"Honestly, I tried to stay neutral in the whole situation because I didn't know what was going on yet," Amber admitted in an interview.

Staying neutral?

About the man she plans to marry? She admits that sounds unusual, but explains her thought process: "I didn't know what the truth was."

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"I didn't want to make a rash decision," she said, based on celebrity gossip reports or merely "on something that everyone else was saying."

"Everything got thrown on the back burner when stuff happened," Amber said, leaving her fans wondering if this is the end for them.

Not so fast.

While Amber, 26, admits this has been a “really hard time” in their relationship, don't stick a fork in her romance with Matt, 44, just yet.

"I didn’t want to base my decision, you know, him 5 to 10 years ago, so we went through a rough patch,” she told OK Magazine exclusively.

“Honestly, it was a really hard time in our relationship," Portwood acknowledges, "cause I didn’t approve of anything that he did in his past."

Matt and Amber on Teen Mom OG

“We've been working through it and we are actually doing a lot better. I think our trust is starting to build again ... you know it was really hard.”

Engaged since 2014, Amber and Matt were planning to wed this October until she postponed it. She says that's all it is, though - postponed.

Not off the table for good.

"We don’t have a set date anymore but we still want to get married,” the MTV star said. “There’s so much going on, we postponed it.”

“I know for sure I want a destination wedding in Malibu. I want it on the beach,” she adds. “I do want to get married within the next year.”

As for a TV wedding?

“I would definitely love to share it with my fans. I have the greatest fans of all,” she said, which is good news if you watch Teen Mom online.

There's no doubt that fans would tune in - this is going to be a major focal point of Teen Mom Season 6, as Portwood herself teased.

We can also see Amber supporters rally around her, despite their suspicious and misgivings about Baier, if they really can make it work.

Still, you have to wonder if they're really in such a good place, or if Matt simply has too much baggage for this to last for the long haul.

Eight kids. That's not only a huge responsibility, but beyond that, you can't help but ask if he has the right amount of personal integrity.

What do you think?

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