Aaron Rodgers: Estranged From Family Because of Olivia Munn?

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Last year, we reported on rumors that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had cut ties with his family, including his brother, Bachelorette Season 12 winner, Jordan Rodgers.

It was Jordan who first told the media that Aaron was not on speaking terms with his parents and siblings.

The rumors disappeared from the tabloids for several months, but now just like Mr. Discount Double-Check in the playoffs, they're back and better than ever.


Okay, maybe not "better," so much as significantly more detailed.

The story's no less sad, but now we might know a little bit more about how it all began.

And as it turns out, the Rodgers haven't been feuding for very long.

The latest comes from a new report published by Radar Online.

A source close to the family tells Radar that it was an argument between Jordan and Aaron's girlfriend, Olivia Munn, that led to the burning of the bridges.

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Aaron and Olivia began dating in the spring of 2014, and apparently it wasn't long after they became an item that she and Jordan butted heads:

“Olivia and Aaron’s brother Jordan had a huge blowout fight a couple years back in LA. Jordan accused Olivia of using Aaron to boost her fame and status,” says the insider.

“The fight started over Jordan accusing her of not allowing Aaron time to spend with his family and escalated from there to Jordan calling her fame hungry."

It's a bit of an odd accusation as Munn was famous in her own right well before she started dating Rodgers, but it seems the confrontation had a lasting impact:

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“A lot of the family hates her,” the insider says about Munn.

For quite some time, no one on either side of the conflict spoke about it with the press, but last week Aaron and Jordan's father, Ed Rodgers, spoke about the feud in an interview with the New York Times, stating that he believes fame has changed Aaron for the worse.

For his part, Aaron has declined to comment, but sources say he's focusing on football these days and won't be "crying to Oprah" about his family situation any time soon.

Radar's source says that Olivia and Jordan are both still angry, and it seems unlikely that their disagreement will be resolved any time soon:

Aaron Rodgers Photograph

“She can be really combative," says the insider.

"Jordan had told Aaron before the final fight that she wasn’t good for him. It seems like she will do anything to keep him from his family simply because they don’t like her.”

Aaron's Packers will square off against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

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