Kate Gosselin Tears Jon Gosselin APART in New Interview

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Kate Gosselin just might be the worst person in the history of reality TV.

She might be the worst person in the history of the world, not counting murderers and stuff. We know it, you know it, literally everybody knows it.

Kate Gosselin is a Bad Mom

She's rude and controlling and hateful, she's got all the warmth of some old rock that you put in the back of your freezer and forgot about for 41 years.

Why would you put a rock in your freezer? It's hard to say. Why can't Kate Gosselin manage to be a decent person for even the tiniest little bit of time?

Life is full of unanswerable questions.

Listen, we don't have time to break down all the many, many ways in which Kate Gosselin is awful, but what we do have time for is to break down this new interview she did with Dr. Oz.

First up, let's discuss this clip in which she wastes no time in throwing Jon Gosselin under the bus:

"They want a dad who's there for them," she explains of the eight children she and Jon share. Well, they share them biologically, at least.

"I'm I'm gonna be really honest," she went on.

"There was kind of the old Jon and the new Jon and none of us can quite understand, like, what happened there."

"So we struggled together."

"I mean, they coined it years ago, old daddy and new daddy. That's understandable, but, like, hard to kind of digest for all of us."

This isn't exactly new information - Kate's said before that she and her kids think of Jon in terms of "old daddy" and "new daddy" - but still, how terrible, right?

There's also this bit, where Kate just can't seem to understand why people don't care for her:

When asked why she gets so much media attention, she cries out "I don't know why! I'm just a mom, like all the moms everywhere."

"We're just doing our best," she insists, "and I'm really passionate about what I do and really loud about it, but, I mean, moms don't get enough credit. It's a stinking hard job."

"I mean, everything that we do we're putting the next generation out there. I don't take that lightly. I mess up a lot."

You don't say, Kate!

"But, I mean, I'm doing my best," she adds, "and I think that's the important thing to stop beating ourselves up and just to keep getting up and doing your best."

Poor Kate, huh? Poor, misunderstood Kate, who is just an absolute delight with no issues whatsoever. It hardly seems fair.

Oh, and speaking of fair, check out this last clip, the one where Kate whines about being a single mother:

"I'm down a parent so I'm really outnumbered now," she says.

"I have to be kind of the mom and the dad and that's hard."

The Kate Plus 8 star continued, "It's been double duty and there's nobody to back me up so that's been - it's really challenging."

"But it's not something -- I mean, I have more than the average number of kids, but it's not something that I'm doing alone."

Is she actually about to say something that's not horrifically negative about Jon? Nope!

She explains that "there's so many single parents out there, single moms, single dads, and we're all just kind of like trying to pick up the pieces together."

"It's hard."

Kate Plus Eight Photo

Unfortunately, we don't have a clip of this part, but she continues on that "single parent" riff, saying that it's brought her brood closer:

"The good is the fact that we've kind of really pulled tighter."

She says that her kids are "a lot more empathetic, whether you see it really or not. Like I only have so much energy. I only have so much time."

"They are empathetic to there's just one of you."

While that's the good part of being on her own, "the bad is, unfortunately, they feel torn a lot between parents and that really sucks."

Wait, did you just catch what happened there?

Did she finally acknowledge the fact that she's not all on her own in the world, that her eight children have a father that has wanted to spend much more time with them for years?

Well, kind of. It's a start. Maybe.

Just be better, Kate Gosselin.

Read a book, do some Googles, figure out how to be a halfway decent human on occasion and then work on doing that.


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