Jon Gosselin: I Want Joint Custody of Our Kids, Kate!

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Jon Gosselin is apparently sick and tired of Kate Gosselin's BS and wants his own shot at caring for the couple's shared children! 

In a report obtained by In Touch, Jon is reportedly requesting that he be awarded joint physical and legal custody of his kids.  

Jon Gosselin Giving a Death Stare in a Photo

It was also revealed that Jon asserts he hasn't seen his son Collin Gosselin, who is institutionalized, in almost two years!

That's a little ... excessive, wouldn't you say?

"There will be a trial as soon as possible," a mole revealed to the mag.

"The judge ordered it. Jon’s been waiting for this for a very long time."

However, it's not as cut and dry as it may seem.

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"The judge is ordering psychological evaluations of all eight kids and for both Kate and Jon before heading to trial," the source revealed.

"Jon hopes the judge will meet with all the kids privately in his chambers, without Kate, to find out [the truth] and what they really want." 

It could very well prove to be a contentious battle, however, if the case actually does make it to court. 

Kate recently revealed that the Gosselin kids hate their daddy -- the "new one," that is -- and miss their "old" father, which could complicate the kids' assessments. 

The Gosselin matriarch told People, "I look at [Jon] honestly as two different people.

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"Back in the day, [Jon] could change diapers faster than anyone, he was there, he was involved, ever-present, very involved, the kids remember him that way, as well."

"I can remember those good days without any jaded ugliness," she admitted.

"The kids and I remember those days because they are their memories, too."

"The kids have coined it 'Old Daddy' and 'New Daddy,' " Kate concluded. 

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She's gone as far as to slam Jon outright, saying that she doesn't even take him -- or his legal claims to the children -- seriously. 

Kate revealed that Jon continually threatens to take her to court over the children, yet it never seems to pan out. 

"I’ve lost track of how many times he’s said that," Kate said, grimly.


"I don’t really pay attention, to be honest."

Further, Kate is afraid of Jon, and claimed that she's worried he'll kill her one of these days. 

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Kate revealed that gun-toting Jon was a loose cannon, and she wholly feared confrontation. 

"[Kate] feared that there would be a hostile dispute if she arrived at the school [to pick up one of the couple's daughters] while he was there." 

If this is what we're ready to see in a heated courtroom battle, God be with those children. 

What a fine, fine mess their parents find put themselves in. 

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