Kate Gosselin: My Kids Hate Their "New" Daddy!

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Kate Gosselin claims that her kids just aren't that into Jon Gosselin anymore. 

In a brand-new issue of People magazine, Kate revealed that the kids miss their "old" daddy Gosselin, and aren't very pleased with the "new" one. 

Kate Gosselin is a Bad Mom

"I look at [Jon] honestly as two different people," the Kate Plus 8 star revealed.

"Back in the day, he could change diapers faster than anyone, he was there, he was involved, ever-present, very involved, the kids remember him that way, as well."

"I can remember those good days without any jaded ugliness," she admitted.

"The kids and I remember those days because they are their memories, too."

"The kids have coined it 'Old Daddy' and 'New Daddy,' " Gosselin revealed, sadly.

Jon Gosselin Coke With Kate Photo

"It’s how they’ve been able to deal with it. [They’re] very sad, more than angry, in the end." 

Kate also discussed watching her children grow and mature in the years that Jon's been absent. 

She said, "I don't see it in terms of their physical changes, but I do see it in terms of their maturity -- the ways they'll talk to me, the things they are capable of, and their abilities now." 

"I'm having a conversation with Mady and Cara now, and they're almost eye-level with me, for starters, and that's mind-blowing." 

No, Kate, what's mind-blowing is that you just continue persisting that Jon Gosselin is the drug-pushing bad guy and you're the savior of the modern family.  

Jon & Kate Plus H8

The thing is, there doesn't have to be a "good" parent or a "bad" parent in every divorce -- so long as there's mutual respect and harmony between the two parents. 

Ever hear the expression "fake it till you make it?"  

You might be well-advised to go ahead and put that into practice when convincing your children that "old" daddy was great and "new" daddy sucks ... lest the kids' gears start turning about "old" mommy versus "new" mommy, too.  

For shame. 

How about stepping out of the limelight for 30 seconds, Kate, and really reevaluating your life choices? 

Or, at the very least, what comes out of your mouth during interviews.  


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