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Kate Gosselin just can’t seem to grasp the concept of “inside voice” … whether she’s inside or out. 

In a brand-new trailer for Kate Plus 8, Gosselin flips out – several times – on her eight children, and most of them are pretty cringe-worthy moments. 

Check out the video and see for yourself …

Kate Plus 8 Trailer (2016)

See, the thing is, nobody feels sorry for Kate

What she’s done has been done by her own hand, and yeah, while Jon Gosselin is the sketchiest douche and nobody deserves the likes of his treachery, she definitely needs a parenting class, stat. 

The above clip, a trailer for the show’s latest season, is basically a montage of Kate’s most wretched parenting moments this year. 

On several occurrences, she’s called “dramatic” by her children, “competitive,” and is said to “like making a scene.”

Kate Gosselin Hate Away GIF
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While we’d agree with that on all counts, we can also add manipulative, self-serving, attention-seeking, and selfish.  

Is that a pretty comprehensive list, you think?

Girl, yeah. 

The new episodes debut in just a few weeks – November 22nd on TLC, to be specific.

It would appear that the only earth-shattering completely unsurprising things that occur are Kate flipping out and yelling a lot.

Kate Gosselin Holy Crap GIF

In the clip, we see the grating reality star freak out over waffles, puppies, stress, doing fun things with her brood of eight.

And pretty much life in general. 

The only thing Kate really seems to have a handle on is her hair, which is pretty glorious (and should be, for what she pays for it). 

We’d almost wonder if the show would be in better hands if Jon were featured, too … which would be a shocker to all involved. 

As Jon has been branded a deadbeat dad, though, Kate might not be too keen on bringing him on board, even in a guest star capacity.  

TLC, on the other hand, would probably like nothing more than to bring Father Gosselin back into the fray, because, you know, ratings. 

Recently, Jon was accused of stalking one of the couple’s children, and having an “inappropriate” relationship with her. 

Kate was also said to have claimed that she feared for her life, and that Jon was an imminent threat of danger to her family.

The most incredible part? She didn’t stop there!

She also called him a drug dealer, and accused him of using his deejaying business to cover up his real profession – a pusher

Truth? Lies? Somewhere in the gray area between?

We have absolutely no idea, but this we know:

Whatever Jon Gosselin’s deal is, at least it’s not playing out on television for millions of viewers to watch and pull faces over. 

Whether he’s a regular schmoe, a sketchy creep or a felon, Jon’s at least keeping his business to himself in recent years.

That’s a lot more than we can say for Kate Gosselin, perhaps America’s craziest mother, second only to the infamous Joan Crawford. 

“No wire hangers!”