Kate Gosselin Puts Awful Parenting on Display in New Kate Plus 8 Preview!

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Are you ready for more Kate Gosselin? Well, neither is anyone else.

Nevertheless, it looks like we're just gonna have to deal with it, because TLC is hitting us with yet another season of annoyed sighs and irritable parenting.

That's right, Kate Plus 8 is back January 13 and it's... well, it's not better than ever. In fact, from the looks of this preview, it's just more of the same:

Yes, aside from a possible cameo in which Jon Gosselin crashes Kate's yard sale, it's just mom and the eight, surprisingly old kids again this season.

Which means, of course, that Kate will continue trying to prove that she's a fit mother by scheduling over the top vacations and activities for her brood ...

... and then proceeding to whine and sneak naps the entire time.

That's Kate for you. When you're talking about a woman whose entire goal in life was to become rich and famous through her family, what do you expect?

Fortunately, if nothing else, the new season should provide us with more memorable, scripted quotes from Gosselin. Heck, just the preview gave us the following gems:

  • "They just have minds of their own, and I just, like, surrender."
  • "I didn't care whose bed it was. I just laid down in it."
  • "I didn't really tell the kids that we were catching lobsters to kill and eat them for dinner."
  • "I feel so overwhelmed that it's hard to stay positive."

Yeah. This may be the most obnoxious figure on reality TV, which says a lot.

Fortunately, the kids are getting old enough to realize what a ridiculous human being their mother is, and they've begun making fun of her accordingly.

So maybe this season will have some entertaining moments, after all.

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