Taylor Swift: Pregnant By ... Someone?!?

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Who's your daddy? 

Moreover, who's Taylor Swift's baby daddy?  

Taylor Swift is reportedly pregnant, according to OK! Magazine, and while we'd normally take outrageous news like this with a grain of salt, a brand-new pic of the star is particularly damning. 

Taylor Swift Baby Bump Photo

That sure looks like a bump of some sort, right? 

If it's not a baby, maybe she's getting ready to give birth to another Grammy. 

After all, Taylor's first album dropped a decade ago, so it's time to change things up and do something really drastic. 

An insider told the mag, "Taylor Swift’s circle is buzzing with word that the good-girl singer - who’s currently single - is pregnant."

Taylor Swift Makes a Point

Taylor was reported to be " super emotional lately," and that she's been "staying in at night," and "avoiding alcohol."

As for the bump, the source claims that the "weight gain" (HA) is "totally out of character for Taylor."

"But [a pregnancy] would make things add up," the mole continued.

"Word is she’s eating twice the amount she normally does, and she hasn’t been to the gym nearly as much."

As for the daddy, "her friends aren’t even sure who the father would be, though their money’s on Calvin Harris," the source revealed.

Riding Calvin

"The timing fits for a late-summer reunion with him, which could have prompted her to dump Tom [Hiddleston]."

"That would put her a few months along." 

Well, that could very well explain the sudden relationship implosion with Tom Hiddleston, wouldn't it? 

And gosh, could you even imagine if Taylor were pregnant? 

This'd blow her Girl Squad Goals all to hell.  

Taylor Swift MTV VMAs Tom Hiddleston NYT Talk

There's nothing wrong with being a single mom, of course, but this would tarnish Taylor's good-girl reputation - as well as her reputation for being "pure and innocent" beyond any repair. 

And then we'd have another Adele on our hands (not that Taylor has, of course, even a fraction of Adele's talent): blockbusting music sales + baby = time, time, time off.  

At least Adele was able to come back from this. 

Would it be the same for Taylor? 

It looks like only time will tell ... and it'll likely tell everything, now, won't it? 

We've got our eye on you, girl!

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