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Well, after months of speculation and a couple inaccurate predictions, it looks like we finally know when Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo will be getting hitched.

Not surprisingly, the couple is wasting no time in tying the knot.

After all, the Duggars tend to speed right past the usual relationship milestones, which probably has something to do with the family’s  tradition of "saving" one’s self for marriage.

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo Engagement Photo

Initially, there was talk of Jinger and Jeremy getting married last weekend, but it turned out to be bogus.

The intel was based on news that the Duggars would be filming for Counting On Season 3 several weeks ahead of schedule, and many believed that the rush had something to do with the JinJer nuptials.

Now, we have far more reliable information thanks on the sleuths at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and the Duggar Family News Facebook page.

First comes this Instagram back-and-forth between Whitney Bates (of Bringing Up Bates fame) and Duggar family friend Erika Felber (who happens to also be Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding photographer).

Jinger Duggar Wedding Date Revealed?

As you can see, Erika is working a wedding this week, and hopes that the Bates (longtime friends of the Duggars) will be in attendance.

So either they’re talking about the Duggar wedding, or the world of evangelical reality television stars is a very small one.

(Hey, both things could be true!)

Don’t worry, there’s other evidence to support the theory that Jinge and Jer are getting hitched this weekend.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Shower Photo

According to The Ashley, “friends of the Duggar family have been buzzing about the nuptials on social media.

Add to that the fact the above photo (which looks an awful lot like it was taken at Jinger’s bridal shower/bachelorette party) was posted on Facebook yesterday, and it begins to look like it’s nearly nuptial time.

What did you expect from Duggr bachelorette party?

Jinger and Jeremy's Big Moment

Strippers and suggestively-shaped pastries?

Okay, so none of this is exactly conclusive evidence, but smart money is on Jinger and Jeremy making it legal this weekend.

Of course, the Duggars don’t approve of gambling, so maybe just watch Counting On online to relive the couple’s road to the altar instead.