Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: Getting Married and Expecting!?

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The news that everyone has been waiting for is here: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are totes getting married!!!! OMG!

And even better, they are having a baby!! ZOMG!

Taylor and Calvin Ok! Mag

Well, at least that’s what the cover of this week’s OK! Magazine says. However, we aren’t so sure if it is true. Like at all. But we'll indulge ...

Reportedly, Calvin was spotted shopping at a Beverly Hills jewelry store called XIV Karats.  Could he have been looking at rings for Tay???

A source disclosed to the magazine:

“He said he wanted something very special for Taylor. He was asking about the best gemstone cuts, and he eyes a ring that cost $1.4 Million.”

“He was clearly eager to get the perfect rock, no matter what the cost,” the source added.

The magazine claimed that Calvin is ready to pop the question. But first he wants to ask Taylor’s dad for permission to marry his little girl.

Here’s one of many red flags re: this rumor:

Taylor is about as independent as they come. 

The archaic idea that she is the property of her father and another man must seek permission to “have” her is probably not in Taylor’s love story.

But still, the magazine claims that that Calvin is ready to start a family and that he wants a family of three children with the pop star.

Here’s another red flag alert, while we're at it: Taylor has openly stated that she isn’t sure she wants to be a mother at all.

There are also the obligatory rumors of trouble in paradise. Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Taylor is cheating with back-up dancer.

And the day before the cheating rumor started, Calvin got a “happy ending” at a massage parlor ... or so the tabloids have claimed.

It looks like they might have a few things to work out before Calvin pops the question, if and when he prepares for that bold move.

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