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Anna Duggar is reportedly considering filing for divorce – which will likely be the biggest bombshell the Duggar family could endure.

(Josh Duggar’s sex scandals which promoted it notwithstanding.)

In a new report from In Touch, a source revealed that Anna is taking the advice of friends who are urging her to leave her husband. 

Will she actually pull the trigger this time?

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"She will see a lawyer in the next few weeks to have divorce papers drawn up so she can rid herself of Josh," the inside source revealed.

The insider says that regarding her inner circle’s views, Anna "agrees and feels angry that Josh has treated her so appallingly for so long."

"Hearing those outside views changed Anna incredibly.

The Duggar family is reportedly super concerned about Anna possibly ditching their disturbed son, for obvious reasons.

‘Cause it would be sad for the couple’s kids? Well, yeah.

But beyond that, Jim Bob and company worry that a divorce will trigger further scandals that may have been covered up. 

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According to the source, who states the obvious, Anna "has never been in a better position to divorce Josh than now." 

As for those supposed, potential new scandals, however?

The Duggars are supposedly worried that the 28-year-old would reveal "secrets that could destroy the whole family." 

We can’t even imagine what else she’s got up her sleeve. 

This would come as an epic blow to the Duggar family, as Anna is rumored to be pregnant, reportedly carrying the fifth addition to their expanding family. 

Anna Duggar's Possible Baby Bump

Recently, Anna was spotted on an episode of Counting On with what appeared to be a brand-new Duggar baby bump.

Viewers automatically assumed that she was pregnant, of course … and not just, you know, distended from pushing out four other children from her uterus. 

Women’s bodies and all, friends.

They do funny things, and "pregnant" doesn’t always mean pregnant (even when we’re talking about the Duggars, when it often does).

Anyway, when it comes to Counting On, Josh is still persona non grata, but Anna has been filmed fairly regularly this season.

She obviously plays things close to the vest, but anyone paying attention can tell that she’s hurting, and struggling to hide it.

In fact, at times she barely tries.

In an episode earlier in the month, Anna admitted that she still cries over the couple’s relationship troubles, past and present.

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During an interview segment, Anna made mention of the fact that she’s grateful to have Jana Duggar as a friend in her life. 

She said, "[Jana] will make an amazing wife one day."

"But selfishly right now, I’m so thankful I’ve had her as a shoulder to cry on," Anna added of the eldest Duggar daughter.

We’d be crying all damn day long, too, if we were her.

Being married to Josh Duggar and quasi-trapped in that situation for life, despite his rampant disregard for their union?

That’s not something we would wish on anyone.

Hopefully there’s some validity to these rumors, because it’s high time that Anna Duggar got up and moved on in her life.

A new life without a pedophile and serial cheater flanking her every self-preserved move doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard talk of Anna bailing, and well, here we are. So we’ll believe it when we see it.

Think she’ll actually do it? Hit the comments!