Jessa Duggar Hints at Baby Name in Holiday Pics

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We know that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her second child, but beyond that. we don't know a whole lot about what's happening in her life these days.

Jessa and her family recently wrapped filming on Counting On Season 3, so we're sure to get plenty of updates soon, but for now, Jessa is keeping an uncharacteristically low profile on social media.

Of course, she can't resist offering occasional updates, such as this pic featuring her holiday-ready mantel:

Jessa Duggar Christmas Photo

As you can see, there are four stockings hung by the Seewalds' chimney with care.

Two are for Jessa and Ben, and one is for baby Spurgeon, whom the family welcomed in November of 2015.

People have taken a DaVinci Code-like interest in this photo because the Internet is populated by a truly unbelievable number of genuinely obsessed Duggar fans.

Does the bow mean they're expecting a girl?

Jill, Ben and Spurgeon Seewald

Does the "S" mean that the Seewald spawn will all be named alliteratively?

Are the Seewalds guilty of stocking recycling?!

Allow Instagram commenter ali_sovljanksi, who's basically the "Kevin Costner's character in JFK" of this photo, to explain:

"Spurgeon got a new stocking and i think that's the new baby's stocking...but because it has a bow doesn't mean it's a girl because that was Spurgeon's stocking last year."

Spurgeon Seewald Photo

She added:

"The second stocking seems to have emerged from the grassy knoll at the exact moment the photo was taken. Also, Castro may have been involved. Back and to the left, back and to the left, back ... and to the left."

Okay, we may have made that last part up.

The most interesting takeaway from all of this is that there's reason to believe th Seewalds will be going with another "S" name.

Ben Seewald and Meredith Duggar

Sure, the letter on the stocking could stand for Seewald, but it was originally for Spurgeon, who was almost two months old last Christmas.

So in the first instance, the "S" was significant for two reasons.

Could the Seewalds be planning to follow in the footsteps of Jessa's parents and name all their kids with the same initials?

We'll find out eventually  -  most likely on the season premiere of their reality show.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in the meantime.

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