Kate Gosselin: I'm Scared Jon Might Kill Me!

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Is there any limit to Kate Gosselin's awfulness?

Seriously, is there any line she won't cross, any occasion that might possible make her go "nah, this is too terrible, even for me"?

Because it's really not looking like it.

K8 Plus Eight Star

In case you missed her latest act of horror, some police reports she made last year have recently come to light -- reports in which she seems to say whatever she can think of to destroy her ex, Jon Gosselin.

First, we heard her claims that Jon is secretly a drug dealer.

Specifically, "Jon is a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics."

She also reported that Jon some kind of "inappropriate relationship" with their daughter, and if you think that's horribly vague and a disgusting claim to make, well, you'd be right.

"She detects suspicious behavior between Jonathan and their 10-year-old daughter," the police report read.

Sad Jon

In another report, an officer wrote that "Katie said that she hired a private detective to follow Jonathan and she was aware that Jonathan was at [the children's school] right now."

"[She] believed that Jonathan was guarding [Hannah] and feared that if he saw her or the police, he would take [her] out of school and flee."

The report goes on to state that Kate went to the school and Jon wasn't there, but she took Hannah home, just in case.

... What?

That barely even makes sense, but shame on us for pretending like Kate Gosselin is a reasonable human being.

Kate Gosselin Pissed

And also, shame on us for being even a little bit shocked by this new revelation.

In a brand new tidbit from Kate's now-infamous police reports, we're learning that Kate claimed Jon had a gun. And that she was afraid he might use it on her.

This ties in with the "private investigator" nonsense we heard before: Kate thought Jon was creeping around Hannah's school for weird, vague reasons, and she had to pick the girl up to take her to a counseling appointment.

While she was driving to the school, she called the police to inform them that "Jonathan does have a firearm."

She also reportedly told them that "she feared that there would be a hostile dispute if she arrived at the school while he was there."


And then, as we'd heard, Kate showed up to the school and Jon wasn't even there, armed or not.

So not only did Kate tell police Jon was a drug dealer, not only did she claim he had an "inappropriate relationship" with their daughter, not only did she claim he kidnapped the girl, but she also said that he had a gun and he might shoot her.

What is wrong with her? Serious question.

Is she just that disturbed that she feels the need to make all these horrific accusations against her former husband?

Is Jon actually guilty of all these terrible things, and Kate is so unlikable that it makes her unbelievable?

Clearly, the only solution is that we stop hearing from any and all Gosselins forever.

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