Brielle Biermann: Check Out My HOT New Bikini Photos!

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Brielle Biermann, bless her heart, is not the brightest crayon in the box, not by a long shot.

But she sure is pretty.

So yes, she might be taking after her mother, the most insufferable Real Housewife of them all, Kim Zolciak. But have you seen her hair?

Brielle Biermann Sunglasses

And sure, sometimes she records herself going on these bizarre, really embarrassing rants and then shares them on social media. It's ridiculous and all, but come on, boobs.

We're pretty positive, like 90%, that all she does all day is take selfie after selfie, experiment with filters, and then pray about which photo would do best on which social network.

But seriously, look at her. You know you'd do the same thing.

Brielle went on a vacation this week with her boyfriend, minor league baseball player Michael Kopech.

They went to the Bahamas, because even though it's the holiday season and winter is upon us, a girl still needs to take some solid bikini selfies.

Brielle Biermann Bikini and Shake

And on that front, you know this girl never disappoints.

She was kind enough to share not one but two bikini photos from her vacation.

Of course she got paid for them -- in the first one she's promoting one of those damn nutritional shakes, see, and in the second one it's the sunglasses -- but still, there's something to be said for putting yourself out there, right?

She also shared a nice little photo of herself with that boyfriend of hers.

It's worth noting that he's got luscious blonde locks and a healthy amount of cleavage as well.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech

They look good together, right?

And it's a good thing, because Kim Zolciak has said that Michael is "the one" for Brielle.

They met on social media, as one does in this day and age, and Brielle has explained that "He flew me out to him and we hung out and had a really good time."

"We just connected."

They get along, she said, because "We're both calm and don't really like to hang out with other people, or talk to other people."

Unfortunately, young Michael has some jealous tendencies.

"Some boys comment really gross things on my photos and my boyfriend will get pissed and comment back, like 'Get the f-ck out of here!'" she said.

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Photo

"He gets frustrated with them more than I do."

Brielle said that she actually kind of likes those really gross comments because "you're all giving me compliments and I'm like, 'Well thanks, here's some positivity for once!'"

"Maybe I should post more bikini photos."

Maybe you should, Brielle. Maybe you should.

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