Tobey Maguire: Dating Justin Bieber's Ex Sofia Richie?!

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Yesterday, we reported that Tobey Maguire is divorcing Jennifer Meyer after nearly a decade of marriage.

There's still no word on what may have prompted the couple to call it quits, but it seems that Tobey is having no difficulty re-adjusting to his old way of life.

Deep Pockets

You see, before Maguire married Meyer he was a founding member of Leonardo DiCaprio's vaunted P--sy Posse.

The crew put Donald Trump and Billy Bush to shame in terms of vaginal contact, and the best part was that with Leo, Tobey, and company, it was all consensual.

You might think that Maguire would be a little rusty with the ladies after all those years off the market, but it turns out the man still has a sixth sense when it comes to the fairer sex.

Like spidey sense but with his dong.

Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer-Maguire

Anyway, according to TMZ, Tobey has already moved on from his divorce in a seriously surprising way.

The site claims that Maguire is dating Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel, sister of Nicole, and ex of the Biebs.

Sofia and Justin Bieber dated over the summer, but reportedly called it quits earlier this month.

But Sofia's not wasting any time pining away for Justin.

Sofia Richie Photo

Or if she is, at least she has some company while doing so.

Sources spotted Tobey and Sofia getting close with one another at 1Oak nightclub last week.

Yes, the two were hanging out before Maguire announced his separation from Meyer.

Does this mean that he was cheating with the 18-year-old (!) model and socialite?

Sofia Richie, Up Close

Possibly, but in all likelihood, Tobey and Jennifer knew they'd be going their separate ways long before they officially announced it.

But that doesn't mean this latest development isn't interesting from a gossip perspective.

The fact that Tobey is dating Justin's ex could mean the start of another inter-generational Bieb-feud.

This one probably won't result in anything as epic as Orlando Bloom taking a swing at Bieber, but we can dream.

Pray to the gossip gods, and maybe one day we'll get to see Peter Parker bash Justin's face in.

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