Jenelle Evans: ANOTHER Parenting Fail!

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As the years go by, it becomes increasingly clear that Jenelle Evans is physically and emotionally incapable of being an OK person.

Specifically, she is incapable of being an OK parent.

Jenelle Evans, Kids

We hardly have time to go through the many, many examples of Jenelle's questionable parenting, so let's just run through a few real quick.

One, Jenelle took her two-year-old son, Kaiser, to the beach during Hurricane Matthew last weekend.

Two, she's currently dating (and expecting a child with) David Eason, a man who continually mocks her kids. In an episode from the last season of Teen Mom 2, he called Kaiser a "screaming little bitch," and he told her older son, Jace, to "not scream like a little girl."

Three, in another episode from Teen Mom 2, JenelleĀ ditched her kids to go on Spring Break. No, it doesn't make sense, but yes, she really did do that.

Jenelle Evans shares bikini photo

Four, she's been accused of neglecting her children, and there's been evidence on the show that she is guilty of that.

Five, heroin.

You get the picture.

And if you don't, then check out this controversial photo that Jenelle shared yesterday and see if you can understand why so many people are so done with her ridiculous behavior.

Jenelle Evans Son Kaiser with Dog

Yes, that's Kaiser riding a dog like it's a horse.

Come on, Jenelle.

There are a couple of things wrong with this photo, as her Instagram followers were quick to point out.

"He should not be sitting on him," one user wrote. "Any weight on a dog's lower back/hips is horrible for them."

"Kid should be taught to not sit on a dog," another tried to explain. "Not safe or fair to the animal. Knowing how well the kids are monitored there will be an accident with the dog and kiddos sooner than later."

"AnnnndĀ this is why dogs end up biting children and then get labeled as dangerous dogs and are blamed but the owners aren't. Please use common sense, children shouldn't be sitting on dogs."

Jenelle Evans new puppy

"I love you Jenelle but this is not ok. This is how children get bit. You need to teach your child manners and boundaries regarding animals."

One commenter summed it all up perfectly with this:

"Jenelle, we know you don't have any common sense, but come on. Do you want your dog to have back problems? People always have something negative to say because you do idiotic things regularly."

Truer words were never spoken.

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