Jenelle Evans Takes Her Toddler to The Beach During A Hurricane

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Sometimes Jenelle Evans makes bad choices.

She's human, it happens -- everybody makes mistakes, after all.

It's just that when Jenelle makes a mistake, she really goes all the hell out.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

That's a photo of Jenelle with her youngest son, Kaiser, at the beach. See how it looks like the wind is blowing pretty hard and the water is going kind of crazy back there?

Yeah, that's because there's a damn hurricane.

Jenelle lives on the coast of North Carolina, and Hurricane Matthew hit there today. It's been reported that three people have died in North Carolina alone.

But yeah, Jenelle, take your toddler to the beach during a hurricane.

Sounds like a fantastic plan.

Here's another photo of Jenelle and Kaiser, and this one she actually captioned "and besides ... there's so much beauty in a storm," like this was a photo op instead of a natural disaster:

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach photo

Jenelle, thoughtful as she is, also shared a video showing exactly what the weather was doing during her little family adventure.

This is apparently what Jenelle thinks is good beach weather:

So this has to be the dumbest thing she's ever done, right?

If you check her Instagram comments, a lot of people think so.

"Maybe you should go to a different town lol," one helpful commenter wrote, referencing the fact that many coastal towns have been urging residents to evacuate.

Another wrote "Get off the damn beach. They ordered evacuations for the area. Get some damn common sense, Jenelle."

Jenelle and Kaiser Evans: Summer Chillin'

"Hurricane yaaay," yet another joked, "let's take the kids to the beach let's all die together."

It's grim, sure, but ... seriously, think about it for a minute.

Jenelle took her kid. To the beach. During a hurricane.

And, as one Instagram user notes, "Also she's pregnant."

It just doesn't get any dumber than this. Please, please don't let it get any dumber than this.

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