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Jenelle Evans won’t be winning any mother of the year awards in the near future.

In fact, she probably won’t even be winning either of her simultaneous custody battles

But even though we know Jenelle is at best a negligent mom and at worst a shrieking rage monster, we’re still surprised when she does something as cold and callous as skip an important event in her one of kids’ lives so that she can hit the beach with her new boyfriend.

Sadly, that’s just what the Carolina Hurricane does in a new preview for next week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle’s 6-year-old son Jace has spent most of his life in the care of her mother, Barbara, and scenes like the one below serve as a powerful reminder of why that is.

It seems that back in March, Jace was scheduled to compete in a soapbox derby race.

Normally Barbara would attend, because she’s basically his mom at this point, but she had other plans, so she naively asked Jenelle to take him. Big mistake.

Unfortunately, Jenelle’s top priority at this time was jetting off to do some spring break partying because she’s a carefree college kid who didn’t get knocked up when she was 16 and then have a second kid with a dude she promptly kicked to the curb,

Ha! Just kidding! She’s actually a 24-year-old mother of two. 

We can understand why she forgets that, what with the fact that she only has custody of one of her kids (and there’s a good chance she’s soon to lose that), but it’s still surprising how Jenelle manages to drop a giant fail bomb each and every time she’s called upon to be there for one of her sons.

“Every time Jace has an important event you’ve got to take off somewhere," Jenelle shrieks at one point, hilariously missing the irony of the situation.

Ah, never change, Jenelle.

Just kidding, you should totally change pretty much everything about yourself immediately.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see more of Ms. Evans highly questionable parenting.