Farrah Abraham to Teen Mom Cast: You Suck! I'm the Only Reason For the Show!

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Farrah Abraham is one of those celebrities that seems to think everything is about her. She's the Bethenny Frankel of Teen Mom OG

Could you imagine Farrah and Bethenny on a show together? There would be a whole lot of fireworks. Bravo and MTV execs, take note!

Anyway, enough about Bethenny for now; Farrah is making plenty of headlines on her own today with her latest controversial comments ...
Farrah Abraham OK Party 2014

With Farrah's behavior getting more erratic and passive-aggressive by the day, a string of Teen Mom: OG viewers are getting fed up.

So much so that they've decided that they no longer want her as part of the show and are petitioning to fire Farrah from the MTV hit.

Rightfully so? Depends on your viewpoint, but all she seems to be concerned about is stirring the pot and boasting to the world as always.

Whether it's tooting her own horn as a mogul or bragging that her daughter is a great little business woman, there is no limit to her absurdity.

Seriously, she's getting so ridiculous that sometimes we wonder whether Teen Mom producers are lacing her vitamin water with drugs.

It's THAT bad. 

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Specifically, Farrah is taking issue with the Teen Mom OG fans who want her ousted from the show that made her a household name. 

She also revealed that she's the reason the show is on the air. 

“You couldn’t get me kicked off Teen Mom if you arrested me,” the sex tape star told Radar at her manager's 30th birthday party in N.Y. City.

“I’m the reason why the show exists pretty much at this point.”

If you don't say so yourself. Farrah Abraham is a great deal of things, but never will she be accused of lacking for self-confidence.

Farrah Abraham Wonder Woman VMAs 2916

There's no denying that she's one of the more talked about stars of the popular franchise, but obviously it's not always for good reason. 

When has there ever been a genuine story about Farrah that didn't involve her causing controversy almost for the sake of doing that?

If she is not biting the hand that feeds her overtly, she's still out there looking at ways to get talked about in the media pretty much 24/7.

It's all pretty desperate and makes us wonder what her life would have been like if producers opted not to choose her for the show. 

In any case, Farrah took the time to double down on her comments and call out co-stars Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell:

“I don’t connect with negative people so if they’re negative and in a f--king bad place I wish them the best because I support all women."

“They’re in charge of their own selves.”

She has a point, but they don't act as crazily as her. Not by a long shot. Even Amber's crazy life these days pales in comparison.

What do you think about all of this? Should Farrah be ousted from the show? Or is she, as she claims, the only reason it exists?

Hit the comments below and reflect back on some of Abraham's most ridiculous parenting moments over the years below ...

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