David Eason: Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Headed to Prison?!

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Another day, another reminder that as long as Jenelle Evans is around, it'll always be hurricane season in North Carolina.

Jenelle is currently pregnant with her third child, but that's not stopping her from delivering as much drama as three mere mortal Teen Moms.

Fortunately, she's currently filming Teen Mom 2 Season 7B, so MTV cameras are on hand to capture every minute of the madness.

David Eason Holds Jenelle Evans Bump VMAs 2016

The latest development in Jenelle World has to do with her trouble-making baby daddy, David Eason.

We knew from the start of their relationship that Eason had spent time in jail for various petty crimes over the years.

(He hasn't done as much time behind bars as Jenelle, but really, who has?)

Now it's beginning to look like David has done little to change his ways, and he may be headed back to prison in the very near future.

David Eason Kisses Jenelle Evans VMAs 2016

As we reported back in March, Eason was arrested after an encounter with his ex's mother at a local grocery store.

It seems she was there with his son, and Eason violated a restraining order by approaching and giving the boy a hug.

Now, Radar Online has obtained court documents showing that Eason has been sentenced to 60 days behind bars.

Depending on when he begins his sentence, that could mean that Jenelle will be on her own when she delivers their child.

“Defendant was in the same location as his child, who was out with his grandmother and aunt when defendant approached and hugged [his child],” the documents read.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Eason's lawyers have indicated that he has appealed the sentence with the state Superior Court.

If nothing else, that may be enough to put off the sentencing until after Jenelle delivers her baby girl.

The restraining order against David stems from a 2014 arrest following an incident in which he allegedly threatened to kill his ex.

“The Defendant did assault [redacted], a female person, by grabbing the victim around the throat and saying to the victim, ‘I will kill you b-tch,'” read documents from the trial.

Eason was found not guilty, but his ex was granted sole physical custody of their two children, as well as a restraining order against David.

Sounds like Jenelle picked herself another winner!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all the many, many ups and downs in Jenelle's life.

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