Farrah Abraham: Petition to Fire Teen Mom Star Reaches 75,000 Signatures

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For her entire adult life, troubled reality star Farrah Abraham has been the kind of celebrity that people everywhere love to hate.

She seemed to revel in that role, too. But is it growing stale?

Now, it seems her schtick has worn out its welcome and she's reached the point where many Teen Mom fans still hate her - but not in a good way.

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Petitions on the website Change.org calling for Farrah to be fired from the show that made her famous currently boast a total of 75,000 signatures.

It's a small but very vocal portion of TM's audience - are they are vehement in their belief that Farrah is destroying the series they once loved.

Those signatures are spread across six different petitions, but the vast majority of them - nearly 67,000 - are linked to one that was posted by a user named Taylor C. on December 31, 2015.

It also happens to be the one with the most scathing text:

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"The purpose of this letter is not to 'slutshame' Farrah but to fish our beloved show out of the toilet before it’s too late.

"We the fans will not accept yet another transparent 'intervention check-up hour' with Dr. Drew for Farrah- been there done that.

It accomplishes nothing and does not address the real issue: We want her gone.

Not all drama is “good drama” and continuing to have Farrah on this show is incredibly inappropriate to the tone as well as the message of this show.

The fans are loyal and the other three girls can easily carry the series without compromising MTV’s original commitment to create a show that facilitates community, respect, education and support for young mothers.

#FireFarrah Abraham and restore integrity to Teen Mom."

Yes, Taylor C. clearly ain't playin'.

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With regard to specifics, fans' reasons for wanting Farrah gone vary from one petition to the next.

Some object to Sophia Abraham's modeling career and believe that Farrah's exploitation of her 7-year-old daughter makes her unfit for the show.

Others cite Farrah's sex tape and the fact that the show has a young, predominantly female audience who may receive the impression that becoming a sex worker is a savvy career choice.

Whatever their reasoning, these viewers certainly aren't alone.

Maci Bookout objected to Farrah's return so strongly that the fan favorite reportedly threatened to quit the show herself.

Unfortunately, television is a business and Maci was overrules for the same reason that the pleas of the show's fans will continue to fall on deaf ears:

Love her or hate her, Farrah remains a ratings magnet.

That alone should keep her on-air from now until the end of time, especially in an era where big ratings are particularly hard to bank on.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Teen Mom OG online at TV Fanatic and relive all of Ms. Abraham's most bonkers moments.

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