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It’s been more than 19 months since the allegations that Josh Duggar molested five young girls first went public.

At first, Duggar fans expected the family to deny the reports.

Instead, it emerged that parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar helped hide Josh’s crimes from the authorities.

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Throughout 2015, things continued to deteriorate for the Duggars.

Several more scandals were unearthed, most (though not all of them) involving Josh.

In October of last year, it was revealed that Josh had two paid accounts with Ashley Madison, a service that helps facilitate affairs between married people. 

Shortly thereafter, a sex worker named Danica Dillon came forward with allegations that Josh had paid her for sex and treated her so roughly during the encounter that she suffered from PTSD.

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It looked to all the world as though the wholesome Duggar brand had been damaged beyond repair.

Remarkably, however, the family was able to finagle its way back onto television with the TLC reality series Counting On, now in its second season.

At first, the network was understandably tentative about taking another chance on the Duggars.

The show started as a limited-run miniseries before being picked up for a full season.

Crucial to its early success was the fact the belief amongst viewers that Counting On would never feature Josh, Jim Bob, or Michelle Duggar.

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That’s already proven to be partially untrue, as Jim Bob and Michelle have made several controversial cameos during the show’s second season.

Now there are reports that Josh may be returning to Counting On to tell his side of the story and try to win sympathy from viewers.

According to several media outlets, the mere mention of Josh appearing on the show has been enough for TLC execs to make it clear they will cancel Counting On, if the Duggars persist in their belief that it would be a good idea to bring Josh on camera.

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The network was already reportedly considered canceling the show due to less-than-stellar ratings and severed relationships with advertisers who are angry that their commercials appeared during such a controversial series.

Now, the Duggars have reportedly been warned that production will be shut down if they attempt to shoot a Josh cameo.

Looks like fans of the family won’t have to worry about being reminded of the family’s scandalous side during Counting On.

But with the way the Duggars are trying their bosses’ patience, viewers might have to worry about the show not coming back for a third season at all.

Watch Counting On online at TV Fanatic to get caught up on what could be the show’s final season.