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Fans of the Duggar family and their fervent Christian values were given a serious jolt this morning when news of a Josh Duggar sex scandal broke.

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The eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 Kids and Counting was allegedly involved in a sex abuse case involving a minor around 2005.

None other than Jim Bob was the one who turned Josh in, too.

According to reports, when the patriarch discovered that his son “inappropriately touched” an underage female, he took decisive action.

Hauling the wayward teen to the Arkansas State Police, sources say he was so “mortified” by his son’s actions and felt he had little choice.

As a result, “Jim Bob did what he thought was right."

The case was reportedly buried by former state trooper Joseph Hutchens, who is currently serving 56 years in prison on child pornography charges.

By the time the Crimes Against Children Division was later contacted about the Josh Duggar case, the three-year statute of limitations had expired.

Josh is now married to Anna Duggar and is the father of three kids of his own, with a fourth on the way; their daughter is due this summer.

Fans who watch 19 Kids and Counting online also know he heads up the Family Research Council’s legislative affairs as a D.C. lobbyist.

Often vocally and adamantly fighting gay marriage and abortion, Josh is no stranger to controversy, even going out of his way to court it.

He also owes a lot in back taxes, which may be a much bigger deal than this sex case, as it was 10 years ago and he was never charged.

UPDATE, 5/21: A bombshell report, citing knowledge of the police case, claims investigators believed Josh molested five girls including his sisters.