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This is incredibly disturbing.

Danica Dillon’s assault and battery charges against Josh Duggar are still being weighed by the court, but the porn star recently revealed some very sordid details with Hustler about her "terrifying" encounter with the reality star.

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Dillon says that when Duggar came to watch her dance at a strip club, he acted like a sweet, adoring fan and showed no hints that he would turn into an abusive monster.

"He walked in and was like, ‘I’ve been a fan of your work… You’re so beautiful! I love you! You’re gorgeous!’ all night long," recalls Dillon.

But his demeanor quickly changed once they got behind closed doors at her hotel room.

"He walked in and instantly was like, ‘Get undressed. Get on your knees.’ There was no intimacy, nothing," she said.

“He grabbed my head and pulled me on to him and was doing a forced blowjob. I couldn’t breathe.”

She said she pushed him away and told him to calm down, which he did for a moment, but then started up again.

"He picked me up and threw me down on the bed and bent me over and was pulling my hair, calling me a dirty slut, telling me that I deserved it," she tells the magazine.

She said he then put his hands around her neck and pushed down hard, leaving visible red marks.

"The whole time he’s degrading me and telling me I’m worthless," she said.

"When I pushed him away, he pinched my lips together and spit on my face."

She said the encounter lasted an hour and a half, and when he left he threw the money on the counter, $500 short of the $1,500 they had agreed to.

"How many other girls has he done this to?" she wondered. "Has he murdered anybody?"

When asked why she agreed to a second session with him, she said that he had come to the club and apologized profusely for his behavior, telling her "I want to show you that I’m a nicer person."

She believed him and said that he wasn’t quite as rough the second time around, but was more verbally abusive, calling her a "slut" and a "skank."

She is suing Duggar for $500,000 in damages and claims that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his abuse.

However, when asked if she has any regrets, her answer is surprising:

"If I said that I regret it, then I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in now, to be able to speak out about sexual assault or sexual abuse."

Duggar has denied all charges and claims to have evidence and an alibi that would prove him innocent.

The case is still pending.